The 23rd Psalm

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The Lord is my Shephard

Flashback to Yemi's church, where Eko busts in and interrupts Yemi hearing confession, much to his brother's outrage, who shoos the waiting parishioners out. Once they're gone, he wheels around and really gives it to his brother: "How dare you come here and disrupt my work." Eko's come here to ask his brother to reconsider his request. Unsurprisingly, Yemi refuses again, but Eko has an even better plan: Yemi will sign some documents that make them priests and they'll fly the drugs out themselves, and Yemi will still get the money for the vaccine. "Leave this church," hisses Yemi. Eko starts spouting off on the blurry line between right or wrong or whatever, and warns that he would never do anything to hurt his brother, but if Yemi doesn't do what they ask, Eko's men will burn down the church. Yes, but aren't those your men, Eko? Way to pass the buck. Eko wonders if the church is worth less than Yemi's signature on the paper. Yemi looks stunned, so Eko pours it on. "Think of the lives you will save," he says. After a long time, Yemi takes the paper from Eko's hand and moves to sign it. Eko seems a little surprised if not outright sick that Yemi's actually doing this, but hides it immediately. Yemi signs it, but warns Eko that this doesn't actually make him a priest, that he could never be a priest, like that's what Eko actually wants. Yemi guesses that there are about 300 Virgin Mary statues, and Eko says they'll take them all, and dumps some money in front of Yemi. "I guess we are both sinners now," says Eko, and he and his men make to leave. "Perhaps we are. But God will forgive me, Eko," says Yemi. Eko pauses briefly before walking out the door.

This is some crew Eko runs. Here's what they'll do: kill, threaten, extort, murder, run drugs, impersonate priests. Here's what they won't do: forge someone's signature, apparently. Maybe this can be explained in a future episode.

Back in the jungle, Charlie gets lost. Eko's suspicious, but it seems Charlie's telling the truth, and points out that it was dark and he got hit with a big bag of rocks, so he's sorry if he's "spotty with the geography" (I don't remember it being dark, but that's okay). Eko thinks for a moment, then tells Charlie to climb a tree, which might help him get his bearings or even see the plane. "You climb it!" says Charlie, adding, "What if I don't? You gonna beat me with your Jesus stick?" Hee hee! Okay, I like Charlie again. For now. He says he finds it odd that Eko's "scripture stick" has dried blood on it. Eko says menacingly, "Are you going to climb that tree? Or not?" Charlie considers, looks at the Bible Thumper again, decides that it's not so much "odd" that there's dried blood on it as "bowel-looseningly terrifying," and elects to climb the tree, muttering, "What kind of priest are you, anyway?" Considering some of the lawsuits the Catholic church is facing, Charlie might want to count his blessings.

And maybe Kate should be teaching climbing lessons, as Charlie struggles and grunts to get anywhere and Eko urges him to "get higher," which is probably not something anyone has had to tell Charlie twice. Eko looks around the jungle nervously, like something seems a little off. We listen to the jungle noises, and if we're supposed to hear something out of the ordinary, I don't hear it, unless it's supposed to be one of those "a little too quiet" situations. Eko seems to sense something in front of him, and peers intently into the jungle, when trees and turf uproot in front of him, with the attendant whirring and mechanical groaning we've come to expect from Lostzilla. Charlie starts yelling for Eko to run, but Eko stands still, even as some more trees uproot, closer to him. Then we get an Evil Dead-style Lostzilla POV shot racing through the brush right up to Eko's face. Charlie up on the tree branch looks terrified, and as we look down, we see the large black cloud hovering in the air, still billowing and shifting, coming almost to a point right in front of Eko's face. "Staring contest: go!" says the cloud, and Eko looks at it, as best he can, and it looks kind of like the other Star Wars characters making eye contact with Jar Jar Binks, if you take my meaning. Not that it's Eko's fault. Anyway, as the camera spins around behind or through the cloud, we hear whirring and clicking sounds, and we see faint images flashing in the smoke; I slowed it down, and this is what I can see: the church roof, complete with cross; a man who could possibly be Goldie; almost definitely the old man that Young Eko shot; an upside-down man; someone who is possibly Yemi; a woman, possibly one of the villagers; a man with his head thrown back in what looks like agony; and a few more that I couldn't really make out. Then the cloud slowly starts to simultaneously pull back and dissipate. Eko looks up at Charlie, who stares back down at him. He didn't say to stop climbing, Charlie.

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