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Paging Dr. Freud
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Previously, Ben went on and on about his magic box. It started to sound simultaneously dirty and -- wait, it only sounded dirty. Also, Ben believes in the Easter Bunny.

Locke reads a file and mutters to himself to save his breath. No one is going to hear him. Then he burns some files over a trash-can fire, takes a swig of Cisco, gathers up his giant bag of cans, and shovels off in his holey shoes.

Eight days ago Locke found his Bad Dad in a closet in the basement of the Others' compound. He asks Ben what is going on, but Ben just bounces the question back at him, claiming that he's the reason Bad Dad is there. Ben claims that Locke conjured him up, not Ben. As Locke approaches his dad, Ben warns him to be careful about getting too close. Tom is in the closet, too, acting as the muscle, and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a taser as Locke draws near to Bad Dad. Locke is sputtering questions at Ben demanding to know what is going, why did they bring him there, and what is he supposed to do? Ben insists that they didn't bring him there -- Locke did. Locke denies it again and says he is going to ask Bad Dad. He pulls off Bad Dad's gag and is rewarded with a bite to the hand. With a word from Ben, Tom steps up and tasers Bad Dad in the neck. When Bad Dad lets go of Locke's hand, it's bleeding, and Locke looks stunned, like, "Oh my god, my dad really is evil!" Apparently having his kidney stolen and getting shoved out of a window eight stories up didn't get the message across, but the bite! That's evil! Ow. I think I just sprained my eyes from rolling them so hard. As Locke looks bewildered, Bad Dad starts yelling, "Don't you know, John? Don't you know where we are?" Ben rushes Locke out, and Tom shuts the door behind them. As they mosey down the hall, Locke asks Ben what Bad Dad meant. Ben says they don't have time to deal with that right now; they're leaving first thing in the morning. Not to quibble or anything, Ben, but I think there's plenty of time to answer Locke's question. Really. Go ahead. It's a long hallway. No? Fine. But I'm holding a grudge. Locke wants to know where they're going. Ben says they're headed to a new place, but he corrects himself and says it is an old place. Then he asks Locke if he would like to come with them. Yes, of course he would! He loves the Others. Why wouldn't he? They have chicken! Ben informs him that they're holding Kate close by, and maybe Locke would like to say goodbye. Or maybe he'd like to tell her he knows she's a bad person and then leave her to be gassed and abandoned. That's what friends are for!

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