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Paging Dr. Freud

Three days ago, Locke was in the Others' campground, helping Cindy the former flight attendant do something to her tent. Everyone is staring at him while he helps her. Cindy says not to mind them, because they're just excited he's there! Locke and I share a look of confusion as Tom comes up and tells Locke that Ben wants him. Hee! As Locke approaches the tent, Ben is listening to Juliet's recorded report on Sun. Ben says that Juliet is gathering information on his former camp mates and determining if any of the women are pregnant. If any of them are, Ben continues, then "we" will go in and take them. Locke looks a bit shocked by this proclamation, but Ben brushes off his skepticism and says this isn't the first time they've done this and no one will get hurt. Aw, cute! Ben really cares! Ben asks Locke to hand him his cane. He stands up and thanks Locke for helping him get back on his feet. He says that a week ago he couldn't feel his toes, but ever since Locke came he's had pins and needles. Oh, young love, with all its pins and needles and butterflies in the stomach! Ben claims this is just the beginning, too! Wait until Locke sees what the Island can really do! Like turn a straight man gay, Ben, you baby boiled shrimp? Ben is not sure that Locke is ready for all the Island's secrets. Locke is still crippled by the memories of who he was before he came to the Island. He is still tormented by his father, which is obviously why he brought Bad Dad to the Island. Locke snorts derisively at the thought that the Magic Box brought Bad Dad there at his behest. Ben gets all pink and irritated and finally admits that the Magic Box is a Metaphor! Then he gets all snippy and says he won't show Locke anything until he is ready. Everyone has to make a gesture of free will and commitment when they come to the Island. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Ben says that Locke has to kill his father before he can see the Island's secrets. Oh, that's what the kids are calling it these days. The camera pans over to Bad Dad, who is tied to a giant phallic symbol in the middle of the campground. Is there a Freudian analyst in the house?

Back at the beach, Charlie is scavenging for food in the canteen. Jack comes over and asks Charlie all about the camping trip that he was totally left out of. Awkward! Charlie hems and haws his way out of the conversation, grabs the food, and heads to the tent. He tells Desmond and Hurley that they have to tell Jack about the pilot. Maybe they should have the doctor look at her giant wound? Desmond says he is fine telling Jack so long as they swear that they trust him after his intensive tour of duty with the Others. He was with Them for ten days, and now he only hangs around with Juliet, the woman who had their friends in cages just days ago. Naomi the pilot is potentially their only way off the Island. Do they really trust Jack? Sadly for Jack, no one is willing to swear to his trustworthiness. Poor Jack; no way is he getting invited to any sleepovers now! Let alone the All-Island Jamboree planned for the season finale! Desmond says to bring him someone they do trust. Hurley goes off looking for the one friend he can always count on: Mr. Giant Jar of Peanut Butter.

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