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Paging Dr. Freud

Sawyer plunges his bare feet into the creek upstream from where Locke is drinking. Locke won't tell Sawyer what Ben is going to say that will make him want to kill him. He says it is not his place to tell him. Sawyer wants to explain what Locke read in that file. He said that the man in Sydney was a mistake -- he meant to kill someone else. Locke asks whom, but Sawyer changes the subject.

Three days ago. Ben charges into Locke's tent in the middle of the night. He says it's time. Time to kill his Bad Dad! But not before making me blush with all the thinly veiled sexual innuendo. Don't believe me? Read on: As Ben and Locke walk under the stars to the mound where Bad Dad is tied up to the cold hard rock, Ben uses his big wooden cane to help him up the hill. Bad Dad is bound and gagged in front of them as Ben pulls a giant knife out of his pants and hands it to Locke to, um, unsheathe. As Locke grabs hold of the knife and pulls it out of its sheath, he hesitates. Ben says the hesitation he feels is natural. It's the part of him clinging to the idea that Bad Dad had a good explanation for stealing his kidney and throwing him out of an eighth-story window. It's hard, and he should just get it over with quickly. Ben rips Bad Dad's gag out of his mouth, and Bad Dad says there's no way his pathetic son can do it. Locke yells, "Shut up! I just need to think!" Ben tells him not to think, just to do it. Locke notices that all the Others are gathered around to watch. Ben says that as long as Bad Dad is alive, Locke won't be free. Locke has the big knife ready and pointed at Bad Dad's throat, but Locke won't do it. Not even with all the peer pressure. Bad Dad says something taunting and annoying and Ben smashes him into unconsciousness. Ben grabs Locke's hand, wrestles the knife out of his grip, sticks it back in his pants, and turns to speak to the gathered Others. He apologizes to them. He says Locke is not who they thought he was. Everyone stares and looks disappointed. The flight attendant lady grabs the children to protect them from the sight of failure and disappointment. Did I mention that Cooper called Ben "bug-eye"? Did I also mention that I am SO blushing right now?

Locke has led Sawyer to the Black Rock. And we thought the writers had forgotten about it! I'm sure now they will do something with that damn storyline. Right? ... Hello? Is this thing on? Locke says Ben is locked up in the brig. As they enter the enormous ship, the skeletons creep Sawyer out. Locke explains that it was a mid-nineteenth-century slaving ship. Sawyer asks how he knows that, and Locke points to the plaque next to the door. Sawyer is about to go through the boxes when a docent rushes up and asks him not to touch the display. Locke explains that it's dynamite. Just then Ben yells out from the brig, and Sawyer is impressed that Locke actually kidnapped him. As Locke unlocks the door, Sawyer reiterates his refusal to kill Ben. Sawyer walks into the brig to gawk at the hooded prisoner. As soon as he enters, Locke slams the door behind him and locks him in. Sawyer is not thrilled about this. He bangs and yells at the door. Ben is yelling too and Sawyer tells him to shut up. He pulls the hood off of Ben to further his point, only to find that it isn't Ben at all, it's Bad Dad. Still bound and gagged. Sawyer has no idea who he is. He doesn't know that Locke has daddy issues the way Jeffrey Dahmer has an eating disorder.

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