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Paging Dr. Freud

Sayid, once again proving himself to be the only useful person on the Island, manages to fix the satellite phone despite the fact that he has never seen technology so advanced. Hurley, who is supervising the repair job has complete faith in him. As he should. While Sayid tinkers, Hurley asks what he thinks about the fact that they're all supposedly dead. Sayid sagely advises that they work on one problem at a time. Just then he is able to turn the phone on, but unfortunately the channels are scrambled by whatever it is around the Island that always does that. As Sayid is cursing the lousy reception, Kate walks up. She looks at the phone and asks where they found it. Hurley says it came from the luggage, but Kate (revealing that she has at least some brain activity left) does not believe for a second that they just now found a radio in the baggage. After swearing her to secrecy, Sayid tells her what's going on.

On the Black Rock, Rousseau makes her contractually obligated monthly appearance. She wanders on board and in the main cabin comes upon Locke lounging in a terrycloth robe with his feet up, sipping a pina colada, waiting for his turn at shuffleboard, and completely ignoring the shouts from the brig. Locke says hello to Rousseau and casually asks what bring her to the Black Rock. She can barely hear him over Sawyer's yelling, but answers that she came for the explosives. She asks what brought Lock there; he ignores the question and helpfully points her towards the crates marked "Explosives" in really big letters. She thanks him for the pointing out the bleeding obvious. As she picks up a crate, he warns her to be careful, because the explosives are unstable. You know, if I were in a room with Locke and Rousseau, I'm not sure I'd be calling the dynamite out as the unstable item. Seriously. Pot, meet kettle, and... other kettle. Rousseau takes her dynamite and leaves. Obviously she doesn't want to get involved with whatever sort of crazy Locke has going on. Oblivious to any of this drama, Sawyer continues to yell bloody murder.

A few days ago. Locke unwraps the bandage on his hand, revealing that Bad Dad's bite mark has healed. Locke sits down on to the hill overlooking the Others' camp. Richard comes up behind him and, using some cornball line about the lovely view, introduces himself to Locke. At least he's bothering with an introduction. Richard settles down next to him and says that Ben was trying to embarrass Locke. He knew Locke wouldn't be able to kill his own father, so he gathered everyone around to watch him fail. Richard explains that when they heard someone on the Island had been healed of a broken spine, they got all excited, because that could only happen to someone who was extremelyspecial. Ben doesn't want anyone to think Locke is special. Locke can't figure out why Richard is telling him this. 'Cause he's trying to get into your pants, Locke! Der. Richard offers to give Locke a backrub. Locke demurs. Richard explains that Ben has been wasting their time with novelties like fertility problems. Fertility problems are a novelty? Try telling that to the nine women who died, Dick. They need someone special because they need to be reminded that they're here for more important reasons. Locke asks what they want from him. Richard wants a hug. Just as friends! When Locke turns him down, he says that he wants Locke to find his purpose, but in order to do that, Locke's father will have to die. Since Locke can't do it, Richard wants to recommend someone else for the job. He hands Locke a red folder. The folder has a typed label and the papers inside are neatly organized and two-hole-punched. Do you think the Others carry their two-hole punch with them all over the Island, just in case they come across some new information on one of the Losties that needs to be immediately filed in chronological order? Do they carry all their office supplies with them? Maybe there's a special computer command like "Enter 77" that requisitions an emergency pallet drop of paperclips, number-two pencils, Rollerball pens, highlighters, and legal pads. Maybe the Dharma Initiative was bought by Staples! Anyway. Richard gives Locke a peck on the head as he tells him to keep reading to find out why Sawyer would want to kill his dad. Locke totally wipes the kiss off.

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