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Paging Dr. Freud

Jack and Juliet are sharing lunch and a laugh on the beach. It appears to be a gourmet meal of beef jerky and pineapple. Mmmm. Their picnic is interrupted when Kate charges up to Jack and asks to speak to him in private. Juliet gets up to leave, but Jack says that Kate can say whatever she has to say in front of Juliet. Kate is understandably annoyed, but decides that he's right. Juliet should hear what she has to say. It seems only fair, since she's the reason no one has told Jack that there's a woman in Hurley's tent who parachuted onto the Island yesterday from a boat eighty miles away. If they can contact the boat, they will all be rescued. Jack is shocked that no one told him. Kate laughs, "No one told you because they don't trust you." Um, Kate? If no one trusts him, why are you telling him now? Do you think they will trust you once they realize you are total BLABBERMOUTH? Jack and Juliet stare at each other. Juliet is still chewing her beef jerky, but she kind of looks like a cow gnawing on cud. Looking bovine must be a real challenge for an actor! Jack asks, "How?" Kate tries to explain again that all of his friends distrust him, but he doesn't care, he just wants to know how the pilot was going to contact the ship. Kate sighs and says that she has a phone/radio thing, and Sayid is trying to get it to work. Jack gets up to investigate, and Juliet says, "We should tell her." Tell her what, Kate wants to know, but Jack won't say. Juliet encourages him again to tell her, but Jack won't do it. Kate looks confused as Jack leaves for Hurley's tent.

Sawyer barfs in a really lousy attempt to get the bad taste of murder out of his mouth. Locke follows Sawyer out into the field and tells him that he can go back now. Sawyer wants to know why Locke did this. Locke says that Bad Dad ruined his life and Sawyer's too and he totally had it coming. He then non-sequiturs that Juliet is a mole. Oh, I thought she was a cow. My mistake! Locke says that she's working for Ben and that three days from now, there's going to be a raid on the beach and the Others are going to take all the women. The Others claim they don't want anyone to get hurt, but you know how those Others are! Sawyer can't figure out why Locke is telling him this. Locke wants him to warn Kate since Locke isn't going back to the beach. Locke is on his own journey. Sawyer points out that even if Juliet is a mole, they are never going to believe Sawyer, because he has been saying that since the beginning. As proof, Locke hands him the tape recorder with Juliet's report about Sun's pregnancy. As Locke prepares to walk off into the sunset, Sawyer asks if it's true. Was he really thrown out a window? Was he really paralyzed? Locke says, "Not anymore." He picks up his Bad Dad's body that was nicely gift-wrapped for Ben and walks off into the jungle. I head to the kitchen to see if slamming the refrigerator door on my head will stop the dull ache of unanswered questions.

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