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The Island's Done With Who, Now?
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Sideways; Day: Instead of zooming in on one open eye, as we so often have, we pan over to a pair of eyes -- closed eyes. That's...off. It's backwards. We're in the Sideways reality, so in this season of Smoke and Mirrors, I can't help but think of mirror images. They're backwards, right? You need (at least) two mirrors angled just so, if you want to see the reflection of your reflection -- what others see as your true self. With the aid of two mirrors or one of those department store 3-way mirrors, I know what the reflection of my reflection looks like (what I look like to others), but it looks off to me. We don't truly own the reality of our own faces. My most prominent memory of my face comes from looking in a single mirror each day, multiple times a day. I promise I'm going somewhere with this. Please bear with me.

Sideways Dr. Jack Shephard wakes Sideways John Locke. Locke is confused at first -- not because he doesn't know who Jack is, but because he does -- he knows who Jack really is, and this is all backwards. But then the second mirror slips out of place. Jack's too perfect explanation/reminder that they met in the Oceanic baggage claim office makes too much sense -- way more sense than a mystical island with Smoke Monsters, hatches, numbers, and miracle cures. The mirror slips out of place because Locke pushes it. He accepts this reflection of his life.

In the course of conversation, Locke learns his dural sac ruptured, but Jack repaired it. During the operation Jack got a look at Locke's original injury and wants to know how it happened. Locke says, "Why?" Jack: "Because I think you're a candidate." (!!!) Jack doesn't know he's moving mirrors around, but he's sliding the second one back into place, just the same. During the pregnant pause, Locke cocks his head to the right. "A candidate for what?" There's light in his eyes, now. Jack tells Locke there's a new, easy, low-risk surgical procedure that may repair the initial injury that landed him in his wheelchair. "If you give me a shot, Mr. Locke, I think that -- I could fix you." That gives me chills. Locke pushes mirror #2 away. John Locke -- who elsewhere and elsewhen chose to stay on an island and mingle with monsters for a miracle -- he refuses. He refuses to even hear the good doctor out. That's backwards, right?

The men are interrupted by Helen who rushes to Locke's side. "It's the first time they've let me see you." Is this one of the rules, too? Did Locke have to choose to remain in his chair in order to keep Helen? No, that can't be right. We already know the choice that cost Locke Helen's love. That choice was Anthony Cooper. Anyhow, Locke caresses her face like you do after a nightmare of a loved one's death -- when the monsters are back in the closet for the day, and all you can see is your love's beautiful face. When Helen finds out that Jack is John's doctor, she greets him with a big hug, kiss and then most notably: "Thank you for saving him." At that, Jack laughs uncomfortably, and the look he shares with Locke breaks my heart. The romantic in me doesn't want this part to be backwards. Just...reflective. I mean, my reflection doesn't let me know exactly how I appear to others, but it's good enough to tell me if I've got lipstick on my teeth. Don't let Helen's fate be the lipstick on Locke's teeth, Show. Or do. Whatever the hell I'm talking about, you know what I mean.

Islandways: Jack wakes -- dazed, and on my first viewing I was too busy wondering if he died during the last episode to pay attention. After multiple viewings, the confusion on his face makes me think that while he slept, he dreamt of (or woke to) life in the Sideways, where he had set about to fix John Locke. That's going to be a meaner feat here than in the Sideways. Islandways -- John Locke is all Faucked up. He's way, way backwards. Can you "fix" him, Jack? Can you "save" him? Should you? When Jack pulls himself up to sitting position we can see that he's in a beached outrigger. Sayid kneels in the sand nearby, keeping watch and cleaning weapons. "Welcome to Hydra Island." You were expecting Mr. Roarke? When Jack sighs and looks around, Sayid adds, "At least you didn't have to paddle." Oh, he's definitely not the Shell of Sayid. He's actual Sayid, again. Hooray!

Elsewhere on Hydra, the Widmorons are moving their porta-pylons around when Baby Face marches Hurley and the rest of our Losties to the cages. Once they're there, Baby Face presses his rifle against Sawyer's back. "Get in." Sawyer's not in the mood for a fish biscuit, but Baby Face doesn't care. "I've got the gun." Sawyer disarms him easily. "Not anymore, Dough Boy." Hee. And awww. How many more nicknames will he bestow before the end?

Just then, Widmore appears out of nowhere, fires his handgun into the air, grabs Kate by the scruff of her neck and barks at Sawyer. "Put the gun down, or I'll kill her." Yeah, yeah, I know half the fandom is hoping for just that, but I like Kate, so I'm not playing along. Sawyer's not worried. "You ain't gonna kill anybody, otherwise you wouldn't be throwing us in a cage." Chuckles has a list of names: Ford, Reyes and the Kwons are on it. "Kate Austen? She's not. It doesn't matter to me whether she lives or dies." The Khaters go wild! Kate doesn't care. She tells Sawyer not to listen, but Sawyer learned all about lists, names, candidates, and recruits on Faucke's field trip to the cave, so he hands over his weapon. Baby Face rifles Sawyer in the gut, and into the cages our fair Losties go. Chuckles: "You may not believe it, but I'm doing this for your own good." Sawyer: "You're right. I don't believe it." Widmore looks surprised by that, doesn't he? I don't know your angle, Chuckles. I don't know where you're getting your list. I don't know if you're following Eloise's plan, Jacob's or one of your own. Heck, there's speculation in the forum that you're actually in league with Faucke. Whatever it is, I can't trust you until I see what you have in store for Des, but the main point is: you're delusional if you expect Sawyer to trust you after you made a deal with him and then weaseled out of it.

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