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Previously, on Lost, a bunch of stuff happened with Kate that doesn't have squat to do with this week's episode. But two episodes ago on Lost, Desmond and Sayid took off in Frank's helicopter in an attempt to get to the freighter.

Speaking of that helicopter, here it is, flying over the beautiful blue ocean once again. Frank has a note taped to the...dashboard? Yeah, that works, I'll call it the dashboard. Anyway, the note reads "40 miles N @ 305." (Oddly enough, the next line reads "7 K east." Isn't mixing metric and patriotic American measurements what got a space ship blown up a few years ago?) Also, just in case Frank gets confused, he has a little diagram to remind himself of which way is north, south, east, and west. Nick Nolte should get one of those -- it might keep him from driving on the wrong side of the highway. Sayid asks Frank what the drawing is, and Frank tells him it's something Daniel drew for him -- which makes the compass drawing a little more reasonable. Sayid is worried that Frank doesn't know where the boat is, but Frank tells him to relax. They keep flying on the same heading -- unfortunately, that heading is taking them right into a storm cloud. Sayid asks why Frank is flying into the storm instead of around it. Frank tells him to shut up and let him fly. Desmond is ignoring all of this, just looking at the picture of him and Penny. Sayid reminds us all that Charlie spoke with Penny and she told him she wasn't the one who sent the boat. Sayid asks what Desmond expects to find on the boat. Desmond: "Answers." He clearly doesn't know what show he's on. Surprisingly, flying directly into a storm cloud turns out to be not so fun -- the chopper gets tossed around, and Frank struggles to keep it on course. He tells his passengers to hold on, and Desmond grips the side of his seat.

Cut to Desmond, gripping the side of a cot as lights are turned on and a drill sergeant starts screaming at a bunch of soldiers to get out of bed and stand at attention. Desmond is clean-shaven, and looking pretty hot. (I know you care about these things.) Desmond, looking confused, is the last guy to stand at attention, and the drill sergeant calls him out by name for his slowness. Desmond explains that he was having a dream in which he was flying on a helicopter in a storm. (I'll leave out all the time he shouts "Sir," and all the times the drill sergeant is a dick.) The drill sergeant tells the soldiers that they're all going to be punished for Desmond's slowness.

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