The Cost Of Living

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Oh, thou shalt NOT kill. Right. Got it.
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Two young boys are crouched outside a metal shed, with the older one bashing the shed's padlock with a rock until the padlock breaks. The boys open the door, and the older boy grabs a basket from which he plucks some sort of foodstuff that he hands off to the younger one, and he tells him to eat. The younger one hesitates, so the older boy says, "It's okay, Yemi," at which point Yemi hungrily wolfs it down. The older boy, who I'm presuming is Eko, doesn't eat anything, or maybe he just didn't get the chance to, because a stern looking nun stomps up and says his name, glaring at him. I think this nun's alleged resemblance to LL Cool J begins and ends with the fact LL also sometimes wears glasses.

Inside a church, Yemi and Eko sit in a pew, the nun standing guard, as a woman leaves the confessional and gives a majorly half-assed genuflection to the altar before scurrying on out of there. The nun tells Eko to go inside. Eko doesn't move; he glances at what he can see of the waiting priest behind the confessional. The nun orders him to go confess that he stole, but Eko protests that Yemi was hungry. The nun says that's no excuse for his sin. I went to Catholic school and would like to tell Eko not to bother. You will never change a nun's mind. No matter how often you tell her you just want to be friends.

Yemi looks terrified, and takes hold of Eko's hand. Eko stands up, and slowly walks over to the confessional. He looks back at Yemi, still petrified. Maybe this priest is one of those priests? The nun yells "Confess!" at Eko, who turns back towards the confessional.

On Craphole Island, though, present-day Eko is unconscious inside a beach shelter as Sayid gets up close and personal with him. Keep in mind that Sayid has apparently been walking for a couple of days, no shower, no toothpaste. If Sayid's smell doesn't wake Eko up, nothing will. Sayid asks how long Eko's been like this, and Hurley says it's been a couple of days. Charlie's there too, and Sayid asks him what happened. "Before or after we rescued him from the polar bear cave?" says Charlie, who might be embellishing things just a little bit with that "we" business, and at any rate could drop the "isn't it self-explanatory?" attitude. Hurley says that Locke's going to want to know Sayid's back. Sayid's gotta report back to Locke now? Huh. They leave, with Hurley offering a "stay alive, dude," to Eko, which ought to take care of things. Zoom in to Eko's eyelids, where the REM bulges tell us we're in for a dream sequence.

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