The Cost Of Living

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Oh, thou shalt NOT kill. Right. Got it.

Inside the church, Daniel's sweeping up when Eko walks up the aisle, carrying a suitcase. Daniel asks where he's going. "London," says Eko. Daniel asks if Eko's a bad man. "My mom says you are a bad man," he adds. "Only God knows," says Eko. Well, I think the villagers might have some idea, Eko.

Outside is Amina, because she never goes home. "I see you got your vaccine," says Eko, and Amina busts him for thinking she's supposed to be grateful for what Eko did, especially as she knows what he had been planning to do. "Those men will be replaced by other men," she says. Guess you'll have to kill those ones yourself, then, because Eko's leaving. But he notices workers putting plywood up over the church windows and wants to know what they're doing. Amina tells him they're boarding up the church; they can't use it anymore, since it is no longer sacred. "This is Yemi's church!" protests Eko. Should have thought of that when you were lopping off people's body parts inside it, then. She starts in with the "you will be judged for what you did," while Eko tries to leave, and she tells him to go to London and repent, since he owes God for every life he took. Oh, and if you truly believe this was Yemi's church? "You owe him one church." Joke's on you, Amina. Yemi's dead.

Back on Craphole Island, Eko's still just sitting there, looking at Yemi's crucifix. And there's Yemi, standing in front of him. Eko says Yemi's name, but Yemi turns and walks into the jungle. Eko follows but can't find him, and he starts yelling for him: "You say you want to hear my confession. Why now?" Eko eventually comes out into a clearing, where Yemi is standing. His suit's looking much the worse for wear. Two words: Tide Pen.

"Are you ready, Eko?" asks Yemi. Eko says he is, and he pulls out Yemi's crucifix from his pocket. Yemi reaches forward to touch it. "I ask for no forgiveness, Father, for I have not sinned. I have only done what I needed to do to survive." That... doesn't seem strictly true, does it? But Eko's not done with the rationalizing: he says a young boy once asked him if he was a bad man. "If I could answer him now, I would tell him that when I was a young boy, I killed a man to save my brother's life." Oh, so now it's Yemi's fault, is it? Eko says he's not sorry for this. "I am proud of this." Pride's a sin too, Eko.

Eko kneels in front of Yemi. "I did not ask for the life I was given. But it was given nonetheless. And with it, I did my best." Yes, you were the best drug lord you could be, Eko. Yemi looks pissed: "You speak to me as if I were your brother," he snaps. "Who are you?" says a confused Eko. Don't worry, dude. It'll all be over soon. Yemi turns and walks away, Eko following after a moment, yelling "Who are you?"

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