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Oh, thou shalt NOT kill. Right. Got it.

In the jungle, Yemi's disappeared, and as Eko looks for him, we can hear the cricket noise and -- there it is: the smoke darting through the trees. Eko turns, startled, thinking he heard something. As he turns back to continue looking, the black smoke billows and gathers in front of him. We hear the metallic noises, the clanking chain sound. And Eko starts reciting Psalm 23 -- the "Lord is my shepherd" prayer -- but the smoke suddenly coalesces into the shape of a fist or -- swear to god -- an elephant's trunk that shoots out and grabs Eko by the waist and starts shaking him like a child's rattle. It's inexplicable, it's perplexing, and maybe just a little amusing, as much as I like Eko. It's certainly tough to figure out how this is going to fit in to the whole "everything has a plausible explanation" thing, but that's not really my problem. I haven't had a speeding ticket in years.

Down in Pearl station, the roaring and the rattling and the shaking is so bad that they all come running out. Locke is, of course, the first to arrive at Eko's body, lying on the ground after being slammed there by the Big Black Smokezilla. Sayid, carrying a rifle, and Desmond come up as Locke rolls Eko over onto his back. His face is bloody, but he's alive. And now here come Paulo and Nikki. And now we know why Nikki's been added: the powers that be must have felt that island adventures needed a little more jiggling.

Eko's trying to say something, so Locke leans in close, then looks back at Eko, shocked. We quickly flashback to a happy young Yemi and Eko, playing with a soccer ball, and then back to Eko's lifeless eyes. Locke does that pass-the-palm-over-the-face thing to close Eko's eyes, still looking stunned, while the rest of the crew look on, horrified. Sayid finally asks it: "What did he say, John?" Locke looks up. "He said we're next." Assuming we're going to be dealing primarily with Jack, Kate and Sawyer in the so-called "fall season finale" next week, "we're next" means "see you in February!"

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