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Oh, thou shalt NOT kill. Right. Got it.

This initial dream sequence will take the form of the ghost of Yemi introducing what are essentially "previously on Lost" scenes that I'm not sure couldn't have been shown at the top of the hour, retelling the whole story of Eko and Yemi. Hey, less for me to recap. Knock yourselves out.

When the previouslies have wrapped up, the unconscious Eko is awoken by Yemi, who has lit a lighter. Yemi tells Eko it's time to confess. Eko nods, but doesn't seem to be able to speak. "I will be waiting. You know where to find me," says Yemi. The glow on Eko's face from Yemi's lighter gets a lot brighter.

Maybe that's because the hut is on fire! Fortunately for Eko, Charlie, Hurley, and Sayid have walked all of about 15 feet in the last few minutes. With a few nameless (for now, but who knows what next season will bring?) Lostaways, they start fighting the fire and pulling Eko from the shelter. They lay Eko down by a tree a little ways away, a delirious Eko muttering "my brother" and couple of times before passing out.

Locke comes running up, which you'd think would have Charlie covering his face. Locke just wants to know if everyone's okay, and Charlie says they are. Then he talks about dragging Eko out, and he points to where Eko was, but now there's no Eko. All right, who took Eko? Seriously, guys, this isn't funny. Look, Charlie just wants Eko returned, so he'll turn his back, count to 10, and when he turns around again, if Eko's back up against the tree, no one will get in trouble. Okay?

Over to the Others' compound now, where Dr. Showoff is doing pull-ups on the rafters in his cell. Ben walks in, escorted by an armed guard, wearing a white nightshirt-looking kind of thing, and he's carrying one for Jack. Here to invite Jack to the big Others' sleepover? Or just out for a walk, apparently. He invites Jack to go for a walk with him. Jack snort-laughs and crabs about how if he says no, Ben's just going to throw a bag over his head and take him anyway. "Then don't say no," says Henry, sounding almost sensible. He puts the shirt down on the table, tells Jack to put it on, and says he'll be waiting outside. Ben starts to leave, but Jack asks him if his neck hurts. Ben's all big-eyed as Jack asks if Ben's got any numbness in his fingers and toes, like when your foot falls asleep, but permanent. Ben, as nonchalantly as he can, wants to know why Jack's asking. "Because, Ben, you've got a tumour on your spine. An aggressive tumour that is going to kill you." Ben watches in stunned silence as Jack changes into the night shirt and tells him that unless those are really recent X-rays he saw, Ben ain't got many more walks in his future.

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