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Oh, thou shalt NOT kill. Right. Got it.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," chuckles Ben. Jack's all "my bad!" in a I-know-I'm-right and furthermore-I-know-you-know-I'm-right kind of way. "I'm ready when you are!" says Jack, all ready for his evening walk, but not before he and Ben stare at each other for about five hours.

Some Other with a torch leads the way as Jack and Ben make their way to a beach-side ceremony with a bunch of Others, all dressed in the same shirt, like the Craphole Island Club Monaco must have had a sale on. They're gathered around Danny, who's kneeling by the shroud-covered body of his wife Colleen, who's been laid on some kind of handmade boat. Ben tells Jack to wait by the trees, and then Ben walks over to mutter a few words about Colleen. Juliet strolls up to announce that she hates funerals. Especially since she practically died in your arms, hey? But these two knuckleheads joke about Jack being let out and getting a new shirt, and then Juliet is all awkwardly "Bye, Jack," and then goes down to join the Others lifting the floating pyre into the wire. Over one of the ubiquitous loudspeakers, a Brenda Lee song starts playing. Brenda Lee? Hey, maybe someone tried to grab the Funeral Songs CD, but the Brenda Lee CD was in the wrong case. When I die, I want "Shine a Light" by the Stones played.

The mourners light the Death Canoe on fire, and Ben asks Juliet why she showed Jack his X-rays. "I didn't tell him they were yours," she says, and seeing Ben's surprised look, she surmises that Ben blew that secret on his own. She looks over at Jack. Who's your messiah now, Juliet?

Daylight now, back on Lostaway Beach, and Locke tells Desmond and Sayid that he thinks he knows how to find Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Sayid wants to know why Desmond's being included in the conversation. "Tell him what you told me," Locke says to Desmond, who tells Sayid that he's pretty sure the computer in the hatch, in addition to preventing the apocalypse, could also be used to contact computers in other stations. Yeah, fascinating, says Sayid, if it weren't for the fact that Swan station just BLEW UP. Then they brilliantly talk about how there are other stations, and then Abbott and Costello, a.k.a. Charlie and Hurley, stroll up and say there's no sign of Eko anywhere, no trail or anything. Not that they know what a trail looks like, points out Hurley. Locke asks if Eko said anything when they pulled him out of the burning tent. Charlie says he was mumbling about his brother. You can practically see the light bulb go off over Locke's head. He tells Sayid to pack his gear; they're going after that computer. Charlie's all, what about Eko? "We'll catch up to him. We're all going to the same place," says Locke, without bothering to explain any further to a confused Charlie.

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