The Cost Of Living

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Oh, thou shalt NOT kill. Right. Got it.

In the jungle, Eko stumbles along, half-delirious. In his defense, in the last few days, he was blown up, almost eaten by a polar bear, and suffered the indignity of having his life saved by Charlie. Apparently, this all proves too much for him, and he collapses on the ground. Unconsciousness is more conducive to flashbacks anyway.

We're presumably minutes after Eko's botched smuggling plan got his brother killed, as Eko's riding in the back of a truck with the soldiers who think he's a real priest. "You're home, father," says a soldier, and a dusty, weary Eko gets off the truck and walks into his dead brother's empty church. He approaches the altar, and gazes at the crucified Christ. He bows his head, looking like he's about to cry, and then notices a Bible sitting on the confessional bench. He walks over, picks it up, and opens it. Inside is a worn photograph of Eko and Yemi as brothers. Okay, now he's really going to start bawling, just as soon as he can muster up the tears, and -- wait, he's interrupted by a woman with a child. "Father?" she says brightly, and then looks surprised when Eko turns around. She says she was expecting Father Yemi. Really? Eko's, like, twice his size. Get your eyes checked, lady. Eko, fighting back tears, says Yemi was called away on an emergency at a refugee camp down south. The woman steps forward, introduces herself as "Amina," and gives a little curtsy, saying she works at the clinic, and introduces her son Daniel, who she says is the altar boy there. Awesome. Now we have a Danny and a Daniel! I don't know if the show's trying to tell me something. I figured they introduced Danny so they could kill off Danny and SEND ME A MESSAGE. But introducing Daniel and making him a cute innocent altar boy? Probably not a shout-out. Nuts.

Amina wants to know if Eko is taking Yemi's place, and Eko says he is. "Will Father Yemi still go to London?" Eko has no idea what she's talking about, and she says Yemi was going to London to continue his study. Eko says that yes, he will be taking Yemi's place there too. Amina looks a little perplexed at that, maybe because that really doesn't make any sense.

Back on Craphole Island, Eko comes to, clutching his stomach as he struggles to his feet. In the background, the black smoke whisks through the trees. Eko finds himself a walking stick, having lost the Bible Thumper, and resumes his journey.

Only from out of nowhere, some guy whips a machete at Eko's head, and it thwacks into the tree beside him. And there's another thug, and another -- only they're all already injured. One's even missing an arm. Eko figures he can probably kick a ghost's ass as well as a corporeal one and yanks the machete from the tree. He's about to bring it down on one thug with a bloody head wound when Daniel the altar boy is standing there in full, um... man, I forget what they call the robe altar boys wear. My main memory of being an altar boy is being the cross-bearer for the first time for a Thanksgiving service, and totally motoring with it up the side and then down the aisle toward the altar, leaving everyone else far behind. And then I stood there at the altar forever waiting for everyone to catch up. Daniel puts a finger to his lips. "Shhh. Confess." A frightened Eko drops the machete -- or maybe it was never actually there! And then Daniel's gone too, as are the bloody ghosts from Eko's past. Is anyone else tired of the island hallucinations of the Ghosts of Plotlines Past?

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