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Oh, thou shalt NOT kill. Right. Got it.

Now we get this preposterous scene where Locke wanders among the denizens of Lostaway Beach, explaining what exactly it is they're setting out to do and extending an invitation for anyone who wants to come along. Hurley acts all surprised by this. "If you'd like to join us, it's a free island," says Locke. Hurley, who I think has gone on his fair share of adventures and was even bitched out by Arzt about being in the adventurer's clique, says Jack would usually do things on his own or take Sayid or Kate. "Yeah, well, I'm not Jack," says Locke, who I seem to recall keeping the hatch a secret, conking Sayid on the head to prevent him from figuring out where Rousseau's transmission was coming from, and lying to everyone about what happened to Boone to keep the plane a secret, so whatever, John "Open Book" Locke. Anyway, Locke shoulders his pack and says, "The more the merrier," and then there are noted screentime hogs Nikki and Paulo, preparing food or something, and Nikki is all chirpy, "I'm in!" surprising Paulo, and Nikki reminds him that he's always whining about not being included, so here's his chance! Paulo follows.

Locke's filling water bottles in a stream. Desmond asks him to clarify if they're going to "poke at a computer" or if they're going after Eko. "Two birds, one stone," says Locke, explaining that he figures Eko's going after the plane that crashed on top of Pearl station. "Well, that's quite a coincidence," says Desmond, who better get used to coincidences, conveniences, and contrivances when you're hangin' with the Lostaway crew. "Don't mistake coincidence for fate," says Locke, continuing on.

Elsewhere, an exhausted Eko stumbles up to either another stream, or an area farther down from where Desmond and Locke were, I'm not sure. He collapses at the water's edge and thirstily gulps some of the water down.

Flashback to "Father" Eko washing his hands in the holy water in the church, and Daniel, clad in his altar-boy robe, tells him he's not supposed to do that. "I'm washing away my sins," offers Eko. Daniel starts to say that Father Yemi would never, but Eko interrupts him with "I'm not Father Yemi."

Gunfire outside the church ends the conversation; Eko tells Daniel to wait there and hurries outside, where a truck full of gun-toting militia men is driving around, shooting off their guns. Hey, it's small-town Alberta on a Friday night! Awesome! The truck stops, and the apparent leader asks where Father Yemi is. "Who wants to know?" says Eko, staring at the thug defiantly. The thug looks at him a moment, steps forward, and takes his sunglasses off. "Perhaps you did not hear me. I said, where is Father Yemi?" Before Eko can answer, Amina rushes forward to say that the shipment is late, but will arrive Friday. Eko's all, what shipment? and Amina explains that they get shipments of vaccines from the Red Cross. They're allowed to keep twenty per cent, and the rest goes to Emeka and his men. "For protection," explains Emeka, somewhat unnecessarily and certainly facetiously. He then talks about how everybody's happy, but if I'm being honest, the only one who looks happy about it is him. "So I hope you will continue to honour our arrangement," he says to Eko. "I am not afraid of you," says Eko, who turns and walks back towards the church doors.

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