The Cost Of Living

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Oh, thou shalt NOT kill. Right. Got it.

Locke and Eko trudge through the jungle, Eko struggling. Locke asks if he's all right and says they can stop for a while if Eko needs to. Eko grunts that he's fine. So Locke asks if Eko's headed for the plane wreckage, since Charlie heard Eko call out for his brother. "Is that what you're doing out here? Looking for Yemi?" Eko suddenly turns and, with his walking stick, pins Locke against a tree. "Do not speak my brother's name again," he growls. Locke doesn't look terribly afraid, though. Good thing, too, as no one else seems to be interested in stepping in. Locke just asks what Eko's so afraid of.

Flashback to Father Eko asking Amina how often they get in shipments of vaccines. "Every six months, if we are lucky," she says, and she asks why he's so interested in the vaccines. Well, they just got an innocent woman killed, for one thing, Amina. But Eko doesn't answer that question. He just asks, "And you agreed to give most of it to the militia?" Well, uh, 'agreed,' Eko? Did you not see the guns? Amina says the vaccines fetch a high price on the black market. Eko considers this, so Amina warns him: "Whatever you are thinking, do not cross these men. Before Father Yemi, we got nothing. We owe whatever vaccines we have to his work." Eko smiles and starts to get up, but Amina says he reminds her of Yemi. "You're a good man, too," she says. Wow, what a terrible judge of character!

Speaking of which, here's Eko pulling up to some dusty "Disco Bar," dressed like Shaquille O' Neal on an off-day. He sits down at a table with some dreadlocked dude who says, "I hear you have some vaccine to sell." Eko says he does, but it has to happen by Sunday, because he's leaving the country. Way to honour your brother's memory, Eko.

Back on Craphole Island, the new Lostaway A-Team has arrived at the plane wreckage. Eko stands there staring at it for a moment before heading towards it, while Locke directs the others to the Pearl station hatch. He suggests Sayid take everyone down and says he'll be down in a moment. Nikki and Paulo demonstrate why they're along: to provide backstory to the audience! Paulo asks what Eko's looking for, and Nikki says his brother's body is in the plane.

Eko and Locke walk over to the plane door, blocked by a pile of rocks, while Sayid and Desmond open the Pearl station hatch.

Locke helps Eko remove the stones, but he's really interested in finding out what Eko saw back at the stream. "I saw it once, you know," says Locke. Eko asks what Locke saw. "I saw a very bright light. It was beautiful." Is that including the time it grabbed you and tried to drag you underground? "That was not what I saw," says Eko. That's all he says about it, as he and Locke get down to the business of pushing aside the huge rock blocking the door.

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