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Oh, thou shalt NOT kill. Right. Got it.

Inside the plane, Eko surveys the wreckage -- but there's no sign of Yemi. He stumbles back out into the light. "My brother's gone," he says.

Back from commercial, Locke's offering up a bunch of possible explanations, none of which really jibes with the complete absence of even any sign of Yemi. Eko burned the plane, animals could have eaten the body, that sort of thing. Eko doesn't respond; he just takes out the folded picture of him and his brother when they were children. The photo's looking a little worse for wear. Eko sits down to look at it, and Locke's all, "I'm going down the hatch... you don't wanna come with?" and Eko says he'll wait here. Locke starts to go, but then remembers he's got Eko's crucifix, and he hands it over, saying he found it when he was looking for him. Eko stares at it in his hand for a moment, then stands up and looks around.

Flashback to Father Eko standing in the church, looking at the crucifix behind the altar again.

Emeka and his men walk in. Emeka says he hears Eko has some vaccine for sale. "If you thought you could do this without me knowing, you don't know who I am." He walks forward, and holds his machete to Eko's neck and says Eko's lucky he's a superstitious man. "I don't relish taking the life of a holy man. That is why today... I'm only going to cut off your hands." Sure, God would have no problem with that. Emeka's men grab Eko, bind his wrists, and hold his arms down on the lectern or whatever with the Bible on it. Emeka swings his machete down, but Eko jerks aside and knock down Emeka's men as the machete comes down and lodges itself in the lectern. Eko grabs it, and one thug gets a swipe across the face while the other loses what looks to be a good section of his arm. Eko knocks Emeka down, and brings the machete up above his head with both hands, ready to bring it down, but Emeka turns out to be a big puss and starts begging for Eko to stop. Eko smiles. "You do not know who I am," he says, and swings it down. Man, in just the last 30 seconds, Eko's put himself in contention for the title Worst Priest Ever.

He walks out the church doors, and I don't know, he might have made some effort to clean himself up. Or at least put the machete down. Daniel's playing soccer with his friends but stops when he sees Father Eko. Amina's nearby too, because everybody is always hanging around outside this damn church, and she puts her hand to her mouth when she sees a bloodied Eko holding a bloody machete. He looks around, glaring, and then lets the machete slip from his hand. I think that, from now on, when Father Eko gives you your penance? You do your penance. Even if it's eight million Hail Marys. On the other hand... I mean, Eko, no one's expecting you to memorize the Bible. But you should have at least a working knowledge of the Commandments. And if you want to rank them, "Thou shalt not kill" is kind of a biggie.

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