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Previously, three Boaties (squirrelly physicist Dan, intense ghost whisperer Miles, and Nolte-esque pilot Frank) were found by Jack's group, while the remaining Boatie (Indiana Jones-y anthropologist Charlotte) was captured by Locke.

Sayid kneels near the helicopter and...prays? Or meditates? Anyway, he looks very serene and beautiful. He opens his eyes, and we see that he's looking at Naomi's corpse. Jack and Juliet walk by -- Jack is grilling her about whether Ben ever mentioned knowing anyone off the island, or gave a clue as to why a shadowy cabal would be hunting for him. Miles follows behind them and demands to know where Ben is. The entire conversation between Jack and Miles is merely filler, as we see Sayid stand up and slowly walk over to Naomi's body. He kneels over Naomi's body, tenderly closes her eyes, and covers her face with the blanket. And then engages in a little grave-robbing, as he removes a bracelet from her wrist. The inside of the bracelet is engraved with a message: "N. I'll always be with you. R.G." The forums go crazy with speculation over the identity of R.G. My theory? Rachel Griffiths.

The conversation between Jack and Miles becomes relevant again, as Miles points out that he and Jack both have a problem with Locke -- although it doesn't seem as if Jack told Miles that Locke has Ben, as Kate's follow-up comment is about the difficulty of removing Charlotte from Locke's increasingly crazy embrace. Kate notes that Locke is armed, but Miles thinks that's not a problem since they're armed as well. Sayid tells him to shut up and asks Frank if the chopper will fly. Frank says that it will; Sayid wants Frank to fly him to the freighter. Frank says that he can only take three people. Miles reminds Frank that Charlotte is being held prisoner, but Sayid interrupts him and offers to get her back. He asks Frank to agree that if Sayid recovers Charlotte, Frank will take him to the boat. Frank thinks that sounds like a swell idea.

Flash...something. It's Sayid, playing golf. On a beautiful beach. But this beach is presumably not on Craphole Island, since he's on a real golf course. (Unless maybe there's a Tiger Woods Station somewhere on the island). He's looking pretty nice, notwithstanding the fact that he's wearing the really boring golf clothes that rich dudes wear. His hair is also straightened out and pulled back. As he walks over to his ball, a golf cart pulls up. The sole occupant is another dude, who starts speaking to Sayid in a vaguely Spanish or Italian accent. He offers Sayid a "ride" to the next "hole." Bam-chicka-bam-bam. Notwithstanding the spin my filthy mind puts on the scene, the invitation comes off as slightly threatening. Sayid points out that they're paying a big premium for privacy on this course, which is a polite way of telling the guy to bug off. The guy can't take a hint -- he gets out of the cart and starts pestering Sayid, making a wager with him over which club he should use. They agree to see who can get closer to the "pin" with his "club." Okay, I'll stop doing that now. The guy asks Sayid what he does for a living, and Sayid tells him that he does nothing. He can afford to be a bum because he "was the recipient of a large settlement." The guy asks him what kind of settlement, and Sayid tells him it was from a plane crash -- Oceanic 815, to be precise. Euro-dude gets kind of nervous when he hears that Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six, and Sayid tells him to go ahead and take his shot. He does, and lands his ball a little closer to the pin than Sayid did. But the guy doesn't seem to care -- he nervously starts to walk back to his cart without collecting his winnings. Sayid insists upon paying the guy, and then makes the mistake of calling him by his name (which the guy never told him). The mistake doesn't really matter, as Sayid pulls a gun out of his golf bag and blows the guy away. Eat lead, Eurotrash! Sayid picks up his bag and walks away. The sprinklers all go off, in a vain attempt to quench Sayid's smoking hotness. Credits.

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