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Jarrah. Sayid Jarrah.

After commercials, it's still flash-forward time. Sayid walks off a city street and enters a bustling café. There's frost on the windows. He walks through the crowded room until he comes to a table where a pretty blonde woman is sitting alone. He asks her (in German) whether the other seat is free, and then sits at the table and looks at a map. She asks (also in German) where he's trying to go, and he tells her (in English), "'Is it free' is the full extent of my German." She laughs, and asks him her question again in English. He tells her where he's trying to go, and she tells him he's only a block away. He doesn't get up to leave instantly, so she introduces herself (her name is Elsa). A waiter takes Sayid's order, and Elsa asks him what he's doing in Berlin. He tells her, "I'm a headhunter." And then clarifies that he's a corporate recruiter. Sayid, I'm sure you deal with a lot of ignorance and stupidity as you move around the world, but I'm pretty certain the pretty German woman didn't think you were an actual headhunter. Sayid asks Elsa what she does -- she works for an economist, although her only real duties are to shop for him and to get to him as fast as possible whenever her giant 1982-style beeper goes off. Which only happens once or twice a year. Sweet gig. They smile and flirt across the table, and Elsa asks Sayid if she knows him from somewhere. He tells her that he'll tell her where she knows him from...but only if she comes to dinner with him. She grabs his map, circles an address, and tells him to meet her there at 8:00. And then she leaves.

Sayid walks down the snowy street and dials his cell phone. He tells the man who answers that he's made contact, and then throws the phone in a trash can. There are big piles of slush in the street. I guess the snow plow hasn't been invented in Germany yet. Sayid crumbles some snow in his hand and walks away.

Back on the island, Sayid shows Jack and Juliet the picture that Naomi had of Desmond and Penny. He thinks that Desmond might know something about the Boaties. Jack, looking in Kate's general direction, asks how long it would take to get to the beach and bring Desmond back. Before Kate can answer, Juliet says it would be a couple of hours, and Jack asks her to go get him. Sayid and Jack walk away, and Jack asks him how they are going to get Charlotte back. Sayid tells Jack that he and his Locke-shooting self are going to have to stay behind because he wants to get Charlotte back with a minimum of violence. Does Sayid think he's on a different show? Miles aggressively interrupts and asks Sayid, "You think you're going after Charlotte without me? Sayid: "Of course not."

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