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Jarrah. Sayid Jarrah.

Locke's crew walks through the jungle. I kind of love the fact that in the time Jack's team was able to find three different Boaties at locations scattered around the island, Locke and his crew still haven't made it to the cabin. Sawyer prods Ben (calling him "Gizmo") and asks for the name of his spy on the boat. Locke points out that Ben's not going to give up that info, since it's the only bargaining chip he has keeping him alive. You know, if the island is going to heal Ben, it had better start pretty soon -- he's looking mighty beat up after all the, um, beatings. Sawyer proposes sending Ben's big toe off to market, and then moving on to roast beef if he still won't talk. What about the piggy who stayed home? He just gets a pass? Does Sawyer have a soft spot for piggies with social anxiety disorder? Locke doesn't want to shoot off Ben's toes, because they'd just end up having to carry him. And then Locke looks around with some concern. He finds a line of grey dust on the trail ahead of him, and when Claire asks how much further it is to the cabin, he points out that the cabin should be right where they're standing. Again, Hurley knows from his recent experience that the cabin is currently somewhere else on the island, but Locke just gets panicked when Hurley gives a subtle hint that he might have been mistaken about the cabin's location. Sawyer asks why they're looking for the cabin, and Ben tells him, "John's looking for someone to tell him what to do next." I must point out that the Lostaway standing behind Ben appears to have turned a pant leg into a hat. Either that, or there was a 16th-century Flemish peasant on the plane. Locke realizes that everyone is looking at him like the crazypants he is, and he regains his composure and tells them that the cabin doesn't matter and that they should keep moving on to the Barracks. Rousseau wisely notes that Charlotte's pals must have learned from Jack that they are going to the Barracks. Sawyer jumps on the "let's all criticize Locke" bandwagon, and then Hurley suggests letting Charlotte go so her posse won't come after them. Locke and Charlotte tell him that Charlotte is their hostage, and Hurley balks at the idea of being a kidnapper. Locke essentially tells him to shut up: "Right now, Hugo, I'm making the decisions. Is that going to be a problem for you?"

At the chopper, Jack stares pensively off into the distance when Kate walks up to him. Kate: "Kinda sucks, huh?" Jack: "What's that?" Kate: "Being told not to come along. Now you know what it feels like to be me." Jack: "Does that mean I should wait twenty minutes and go anyway?" Kate: "Touché." They laugh. I chuckle. And then Jack turns things around by telling Kate that she should go with Sayid. She asks him if he doesn't trust Sayid, but he tells her that it's Locke he doesn't trust. Kate wonders what will keep Locke from killing her like he did Naomi. Jack tells her that Sawyer would never let Locke kill her. Kate tells Sayid and Miles that she's coming along, all the while brandishing her gun. Miles is pissed that she gets a gun but he doesn't. Sayid tells her that the gun is a last resort. Kate: "You give Locke that same speech?" Clearly -- that's why he killed Naomi with a knife. Do I have to spell out everything for you? As they walk away, Frank asks Jack where Sayid is from. When he learns that the answer is Iraq, he asks if Sayid was a diplomat. Jack: "No. No, he was a torturer." Commercials.

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