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Jarrah. Sayid Jarrah.

As they walk through the jungle, Sayid inspects Naomi's bracelet again. He asks Miles if he was close with Naomi. He wasn't except in the sense that he wanted to get with her. Sayid notes that Miles doesn't really seem to care about Charlotte, either. Sayid pronounces Charlotte's name as though she were a pastry. I'm getting kind of hungry listening to him. Sayid: "So much for camaraderie." Miles notes that he's not the one going after his fellow crash survivor armed with guns. He asks how Locke was able to split the Lostaways up. Sayid looks at Kate, and then tells him, "There was a fundamental debate as to whether your people were coming to rescue us, or kill us." Miles: "And which side did you land on?" Sayid: "I'll let you know when I decide."

Flash-forward. A formally-dressed Elsa opens her door to find a formally-dressed Sayid standing there. I know some of you need a swooning break, so I'll just wait here. ...You all set now? Off your fainting couches, smelling salts put away? Okay, let's continue. They embrace and Elsa tells us that they're going to the opera. Sayid tells her, "If a man can't wear his tuxedo by the fifth date, why bother?" I believe George Bush used that line when he was courting Laura. As Elsa finishes getting ready for the opera, she picks up her clutch and her giant beeper and then tells Sayid that she's going to leave the beeper behind. "If tonight's the night he calls, so be it." Sayid picks it up and tells her that he'll carry it for her, since he doesn't want to lose his target... I mean, he doesn't want her to lose his job over him. They make some small talk about how old-fashioned the beeper is and how stupid bosses can be. This is all a prelude for Elsa to fish for information about Sayid's job -- in particular, she's curious that he was originally in town only for a short while but has stuck around long enough to have five dates with her. He tells her that the job he's there for is taking longer than expected. With a little disappointment in her eyes, she tells him she was hoping he had stuck around because of her.

Craphole Island. Squirrelly Daniel acts squirrelly and takes a squirrelly case from the helicopter. He also grabs a long metal pole that is probably also squirrelly. The pole turns into a tripod, and he takes some gear out of the case and sets it on top of the tripod. Jack and Frank are watching all of this, and Jack asks Frank what's up with squirrelly Daniel. Frank has no idea what's up with him, since he can barely understand anything he says. Daniel asks for the phone so he can call Regina and run an experiment. Frank, talking to Dan as though he were five years old, gives him the phone but tells him to hang up right away if Minkowski gets on the call. Which is odd, since Miles was so insistent on speaking with Minkowski last episode. Dan dials the phone and gets Regina on the speaker. Jack is suddenly interested, and walks over to observe. After a bit of preliminary business with signals and stuff, Daniel tells Regina to fire the payload. She does, and Jack starts to look worried. Frank tells him not to freak out -- Daniel "fires" "payloads" all the time. Whoops, sorry, I did it again. Sometimes I just can't resist. Regina starts counting down the distance to the beacon, starting at forty kilometers and going down by five. As the count gets lower, Daniel looks around nervously. At zero, he tells her that the payload never arrived. She thinks that's weird; Daniel thinks it's super weird.

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