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Jarrah. Sayid Jarrah.

Kate, Sayid, and Miles lurk in the trees near the Barracks. Miles seems not at all surprised to find a bunch of suburban bungalows on this deserted island. He is surprised to see a swing set, however, asking if the Others had kids. They stealthily move into the Barracks to see whether Locke and the others (but not the Others) have arrived yet. Sneak, sneak, sneak. Creep, creep, creep. They hear a banging sound, and some kind of cry. Kate can tell which bungalow the sound is coming from, and they run in. And find Hurley, tied and gagged in a closet. Kate takes off his gag and asks him what happened. Hurley: "They left me." And here I was thinking it was some kind of sex-play gone wrong. Commercials.

Hurley, now untied, is babbling to Sayid and the others about how crazy Locke has gone. Not only does he tell them about Locke taking Charlotte hostage, he also spills the beans about Locke believing he received instructions from Walt. Sayid tries to ask about that last one, but Hurley keeps babbling. Until, that is, Miles is really rude and asks him to shut up and tell them where Locke went. Hurley asks him exactly who he is. Miles: "Where the hell did they go, Tubby?" Aw, I miss Little Lulu. Hurley: "Oh, awesome. The ship sent us another Sawyer." Heee. Hurley keeps babbling, tell them that Locke thought the people on the ship were there to kill everyone. He stops himself to ask Miles, "Are you?" Miles: "Not yet." Sayid asks if Locke gave any clues about where they might go, and Hurley tells him that that he mentioned something about going to Ben's house before they left. He raises the possibility that they locked Ben up in the closet of his house, and Miles becomes very eager to learn which house is Ben's.

At the chopper, Jack asks Frank if the Red Sox really won the World Series. But which one, Jack? Which one? Frank, a true blue Yankees fan, tells him he doesn't want to talk about it. For some reason known only to the writers, or for no reason at all, Jack laments that he can't believe it's been 100 days since he's seen a baseball game. Daniel, still squirrelly, hears something in the sky and looks up. He sees the payload moving in their general direction. The payload turns out to be a missile, and it lands just a few feet away from them. So science involves shooting missiles at people? I picked the wrong profession. It would have been awesome if the missile had hit the helicopter and destroyed it. But it doesn't even blow up. Daniel picks the smoking shell up in his asbestos hands and unscrews the top, removing a small digital timer. He compares it to his watch, and then runs over to where the equipment is still sitting on the tripod. He compares the timer on the tripod (which reads 02:45:03) to the one from the payload (which reads 3:16:22). He is very concerned by the thirty-one minute discrepancy between the timers. So it took 31 minutes for the missile to get there? Doesn't that mean he gets it for free? The forums are full of intricate and imaginative theories involving time dilation, special relativity, and time travel, all keyed to those thirty-one minutes. Since I can barely do enough math to figure out a generous tip, I'll leave you to form your own theories. Frank tells Jack that his friends are back. It's not Kate and Sayid -- it's Juliet and Desmond. Juliet looks positively giddy at being able to show the helicopter to Desmond. I'm positively giddy at the vast expanse of chest Desmond is showing off.

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