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Jarrah. Sayid Jarrah.

Sayid, gun drawn, enters Ben's house. How did he know which one was Ben's? I don't recall him being invited to the book club. There are some pictures of Alex as a little girl on the wall, by the way. Nice detail, set dressers. Everyone spreads out through the house, looking for some info about where Locke and the others might have gone. Kate heads right for Ben's bedroom, busting open the door and waving her gun around. The room is empty, but she nervously approaches the closet and slowly opens the door. It's anticlimactically empty, of course. Also, Ben didn't make his bed before leaving the house. Tsk tsk.

In another room, Sayid inspect a book case. He notices some scratches in the wood floor, and pulls the case out from the wall. There's a hole behind the case. Don't go in without Fred and Velma, Sayid! I guess he thinks his gun is protection enough, because he marches straight into the scary tunnel. At the end of a passageway, he finds a small room with a lot of suits and shirts hanging on a rack, a couple of suitcases, and some shelving from Ikea. I knew they were behind everything! Swedish bastards! There's also a desk. In one drawer, Sayid finds bundles of currency of many nations. In another, he finds a bunch of passports. He opens one; it's Swiss. The photo is of Ben, but the name given is Dean Moriarty. (As always, props to the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters).

Back in Ben's bedroom, Kate is looking under the bed for clues. While she's down there, she sees a pair of rugged, manly feet enter the room. She jumps up and points her gun at Sawyer, the owner of those feet. He puts his finger to his lips and closes the door. But she calls out Sayid's name anyway. He comes running, only to find Locke and a gun waiting for him in the living room. Rousseau has already got the drop on Miles. Hurley walks up to them, and Locke praises him for his masterful deception. D'oh! Never trust a fat man. Commercials.

Sayid, at the end of Rousseau's rifle, walks out of Ben's house. Hurley is following about ten feet behind. Sayid asks where Locke is; Hurley tells him that he's talking to "that angry Chinese guy." Sayid notices how far away Hurley is staying, and tells him he's not going to hurt him. Hurley: "Yeah, I saw you snap that guy's neck with that break-dancing thing you do with your legs. I think I'll hang back here." Rousseau pushes Sayid into a room with wire over the windows and locks the door behind him. Ben is in the room, tied to a chair. Sayid tests the windows while Ben tells him he lost a dollar, because he bet Locke that Sayid wouldn't be stupid enough to fall for the Hurley trap. Sayid shows more self-restraint than anybody else on the show when he refrains from smacking Ben around some more.

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