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Jarrah. Sayid Jarrah.

Back in Ben's bedroom, Kate stews about being Sawyer's prisoner. Although she still has her gun, so it might be argued that he's her prisoner. Her prisoner of love, that is. She asks him why he's with Locke, and he asks her why she's with Jack. She tells him that she went with Jack because she believes he can get them off the island. Sawyer tells her that he's not looking to leave the island, because there's absolutely nothing in the real world for him to go back to. (Note that when he tried to leave the island before, he had not yet achieved his life's goal of killing the real Sawyer, who turned out to be Locke's dad. Having accomplished that, it makes sense that his priorities might have changed.) Kate asks him what he's got on the island that's so much better than what's in the real world. He fails to answer, "you," instead asking her why she wants to go back since a prison term is surely awaiting her. He points out that they could have a pretty comfortable life on the island, what with all the electricity and stuff. (I like that he leaves out the Others and the monster, each of whom might kill them at any moment.) Kate asks how long he really thinks they could play house. Sawyer: "Why don't we find out?"

Back in the Sayid/Ben jail, Locke enters bearing a pitcher and two glasses. He tells Sayid that he brought some iced tea, thinking that Sayid might be thirsty. Ben: "I'm thirsty." No iced tea for Ben. Locke pours a glass for himself and leaves the rest for Sayid. He apologizes for all the ambushing and kidnapping, noting that he had no idea how many people Sayid would have with him. Sayid asks where Kate and Miles are. Locke tells him that Kate is with Sawyer (but not necessarily "with" Sawyer), and that Miles is somewhere else. He asked Miles questions, but of course he didn't answer. And Charlotte hasn't provided any additional information. Sayid suggests that Locke give Charlotte to him. He agrees that the Boaties are lying, but he thinks the best way to get at the truth is for Sayid to get on the boat. He'll only be able to do that if he brings Charlotte back with him, and then he can find out what the Boaties really want. Locke tells him that Ben thinks he knows what they want, since he has a spy on the boat. Ben refuses to give up the name, and Sayid tells Locke, "Excuse me, but the day I start trusting him is the day I would have sold my soul." Locke asks why he should give up Charlotte for nothing. Sayid: "Oh, I think you misunderstood me. I never expected you to give her to me for nothing."

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