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Jarrah. Sayid Jarrah.

Flash-forward! Sayid and Elsa snuggle in post-coital bliss. She suggests getting dressed, because sooner or later they'll have to get out of bed. When he asks why they would ever do that, she starts fishing for more info about his mysterious job. She probes some more, revealing that she does know he's one of the Oceanic Six (because she mentions the crash as a subject he doesn't want to discuss), and tells him that she wants to know more about his life because she's in love with him. The potentially awkward moment turns steamy as they start making out. He promises to tell her everything. And then her beeper goes off. She gets out of bed and looks at the beeper and mentions the name of a hotel she has to get to. She starts looking for her clothes, and Sayid tells her not to go to the hotel. He wants her to leave Berlin so she can avoid questions about what is going to happen. As he tells her this, he hops out of bed and puts on his pants. And a shirt. Oh, cruel world. Elsa realizes that he's going to do something to her boss, and that he was using her to get close to him. She's crying and runs to the bathroom. Sayid tells her he has to kill her boss because his name is on a list, a list he got from his boss. She asks who his boss is, but he won't tell her. And then she pulls a gun and shoots him. Fierce! Sayid falls back onto the bed with blood coming out of his shoulder. She dials her phone and speaks in German, telling the person on the other line that he paged her late and that Sayid is never going to give up the name now that she's shot him. Sayid sees his own gun just kind of hanging in the pocket of his coat, draped over a chair. Not very well hidden there, Secret Agent Man. Elsa's tears were completely fake by the way; she's now dispassionately talking about killing Sayid. She hangs up the phone, and Sayid throws something at the mirror in the bathroom. She reenters the bedroom, but he has already grabbed the gun, and he shoots her twice. She falls down, breathing hard. He crawls over to her, arriving just as she dies. Tears in his eyes, he tenderly closes her eyes, and then touches the bracelet she's wearing. It's similar, but not identical, to the one he took from Naomi at the beginning of the episode. Commercials.

Back at the chopper, Desmond is pestering Frank for info about why Naomi had the picture of him and Penny. Frank says the he didn't hang out with Naomi and had no idea what she was up to. Desmond tells Frank that Naomi claimed that Penny was their boss. Desmond demands that Frank look him in the eye and say that he's never seen or heard of Penelope Widmore. Frank looks over at Daniel, who looks pained. Frank gives Desmond a small shake of his head, but doesn't actually deny knowing who Penny is. Desmond tells him to keep up the act as long as he wants, since Desmond is going to be going back to the boat on the chopper with him, and he's sure to find straight answers there.

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