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Jarrah. Sayid Jarrah.

Sayid comes walking over a hill. Charlotte is just a few steps behind him. And then there's nobody else. Jack asks where Kate is; Sayid says that she decided to stay behind. Frank asks where Miles is, and Sayid tells him that he traded Charlotte for Miles. Sayid: "I promised you Charlotte; here she is." Frank thinks that Sayid cheated on their deal. But since he didn't really like Miles, he's going to live up to his end of the bargain and give Sayid the ride to the boat that he promised. With Sayid and Desmond both booking passage on the chopper, Frank notes that there's room for one more person. Charlotte and Daniel both claim they have too much work to do on the island to leave just yet. Daniel does follow Frank and tell him it's extremely important that he go back to the boat using the exact same heading he used to get to the island. Sayid and Jack chat; Jack has decided not to head to the boat on this trip. Since there's room for one more, Sayid suggests taking Naomi's body back to the boat.

With everyone safely aboard, the helicopter takes off. The sight of it flying away from the mountainous island over the deep blue ocean is stunning.

The camera pans past a bunch of dogs in cages. Sayid, still nursing the gunshot wound that Elsa inflicted, staggers past them. A voice that sounds suspiciously familiar tells him to take his shirt off. He's in a veterinarian's treatment/procedure room. Sayid removes his shirt and sits down. We see the rubber-gloved hands of another person as he moves around the room and adjusts the lights. The voice asks Sayid if "she" is dead. She is, as we know. The voice asks why Elsa didn't kill Sayid; Sayid thinks it was because she was trying to get information from him. Namely, the name that belongs with the voice. The hands that belong to the voice are treating the gunshot wound as they speak. The camera shows us the voice's face -- it's Ben! Which is not so shocking, because his voice is kind of distinctive. Some EEFPs are convinced that Ben's eyes in this scene are brown, whereas they're normally blue. I'm not so convinced it's not just a trick of the lighting in the scene. Ben asks if Sayid is crying because the wound hurts or because he was falling for Elsa. Ben doesn't think "these people" deserve any sympathy. I'm not sure Ben thinks anybody deserves any sympathy. Ben: "Need I remind you what they did the last time you thought with your heart instead of your gun?" Sayid clearly hates Ben, but Ben points out that he has to do what Ben wants in order to protect his friends. Ben has another name for him. Sayid thinks it's stupid to go on, because the people on the list clearly know he's coming for them. Ben: "Good."

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