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Putting The "Fun" Back In "Funeral"
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Open on the very pretty, though slightly shiny, face of Sayid. You would think that with all the cosmetics that were so obviously on the plane, there would have been some good facial cleanser, maybe a little astringent. Sayid is watching Shannon wipe the brow of Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Corpses. Sayid walks over to Shannon, sits down, and asks, "Is there anything I can do for you?" She ignores him. He tells her that Boone refused to let Jack save him because he didn't want to use up all of their antibiotics. Which isn't what I recall, but…whatever. The point of Sayid's story is that Boone really was God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity. Shannon still doesn't say anything. Sayid somehow made a seamless transition from staring at Shannon to the Thousand-Yard Stare of Impending Flashback. I bet they taught him that trick in the Republican Guard.

We hear a British voice making a special security announcement, directed at the passengers in Heathrow airport. Sayid is glumly walking down an airport hallway. They totally fooled me here, by the way -- I was certain that Sayid had that despairing look on his face because he expected to be racially profiled. But as the camera moves out, we see that he's already been taken into custody by airport security.

In an interrogation room that was last used to perform a body cavity search on Patsy Stone, the security guards remove Sayid's shackles while Agent Tina Turner looks on. She thinks that eighteen hours in a holding cell should have had the effect of making Sayid willing to speak to them. I was about to ask if they really have holding cells at the airport, but then I recalled some of the immigration cases I've worked on and I remembered that of course they do. There's practically an entire prison at JFK. ["I thought JFK was the prison." -- Sars] Agent Turner introduces herself as being from Central Intelligence. The tall lemon-pussed man standing behind Sayid is Robbie Hewitt from "A.S.I.S." The "A" stands for Australian (as we learn when he opens his gob), which is all we really need to know. Agents Turner and Robbie tell Sayid that they want him to help them recover three hundred pounds of C4 explosive stolen by a terrorist cell in Australia. Sayid's not sure how he can help them, seeing as how he is not a terrorist. It turns out that one of the members of the cell is Sayid's old college roommate. Sayid isn't going to help them, until Agent Turner tells him that they know where Nadia is, and that they'll give Sayid the information in exchange for his cooperation.

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