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Putting The "Fun" Back In "Funeral"

Right back where we left off. Jack is screaming at Locke while Sawyer and Charlie hold him back. And then Jack collapses. I think he vomits right onto the sand. Which will surely make things easier for the janitor when it's time to clean up the mess. Locke looks at Jack, and then notices Sayid staring at him.

Moments later, Jack, Sayid, Kate, and Sun are walking down the beach. Jack is fixated on the idea that Locke is lying, telling the rest of them that Boone said something about a hatch before he died, and that Locke had told him not to tell. Everyone else insists that Jack has to get some rest, and Sun leads him…away. I don't know where.

Flashback! A group of Muslim men pray. As they all bend their heads to the ground, the head closest to the camera belongs to Sayid. As they sit back up (I mean, they're all kneeling, but they are no longer touching their heads to the ground), Sayid looks over at another man in his row. Cruising guys during prayers -- that can't be good. There's a point at which everyone turns their heads first in one direction and then in another. The other man sees Sayid. The prayers end, and the other man is looking a bit disturbed.

Sayid walks across the central courtyard of the mosque (at least, that's what I assume it is). The other man runs up behind him, calling his name. Sayid acts all surprised to see his friend, whom he calls "Assam." (My apologies if I've butchered the spelling.) Everybody on the forums seemed to think Assam was a major hottie, but I was creeped out by his insane eyes. Chitchat, smalltalk, and catching up ensue. Sayid asks after the welfare of Assam's wife -- it turns out she was killed by a stray bomb. Assam pulls himself together and invites Sayid to come to his place so they can catch up.

On a rather large TV, some guy plays a videogame that involves lots of shooting other people. We're at Assam's place, which he shares with a couple of other guys. The guy playing the videogame complains that he's run out of ammo -- his friend suggests that he use the crowbar, but the game player points out, "That only works on the zombies." I hope that Sayid has filed that information away for the inevitable moment when Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Corpses becomes Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Zombies. One of Assam's pals suspiciously asks what Sayid does, and he explains that he is at liberty for the moment. Assam starts talking about the hot Australian chicks to be seen at the beach, while Sayid notices the smoke detector on the wall. Despite the fact that Assam's two buddies are smoking up a storm, not a sound is coming from the detector. Sayid keeps talking about beaches, but he walks towards the detector, grabs the cigarette out of the mouth of one of Assam's roomies, waves the cigarette around under the detector, opens the detector, and removes the bug that is contained therein. Once he's dropped the bug into a glass of tea, he asks them to tell him what they are really doing in Sydney. Assam's pal asks Sayid who he is, and he and Assam explain that Sayid was a communications officer in the Republican Guard. Assam's pal says, "Perhaps it's not happenstance that you and Assam met at the mosque. [Tense pause.] Perhaps it is fate."

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