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Putting The "Fun" Back In "Funeral"

Back on Craphole island, Claire tells a worried Charlie and Sun that she's fine, despite the fact that she hasn't slept once since giving birth a few hours ago. She doesn't seem to want to let the baby go. Um, is she planning on staying awake until he's eighteen? Charlie offers to "take care of Turniphead for a while." Claire is not amused, but Charlie explains that he's just calling the baby that because his enormous six-month-old head looks like a turnip. Claire's scared that someone will take the baby away, and Charlie reassures her that he would never let that happen. Again. Claire eventually relents and gives the baby to Charlie.

Shannon is sitting on the beach when Locke (still wearing the shirt that is soaked in Boone's blood) walks up with a small bag in his hand. He gives her the bag, explaining that it belonged to Boone. He sits down to make small talk with her about the weather. Dude, you're covered in her brother's (and/or lover's) blood -- go take a bath and change your clothes. Locke thinks that he should never have let Boone hunt with him in the first place, but Shannon doesn't think that would have made a difference. Locke tries to act all sympathetic, but Shannon doesn't seem to be buying it. Not to harp on a point, but perhaps the presence of her brother's blood is interfering with Locke's attempts at empathy. He tells her that he hopes she can forgive him. And then he leaves.

Sayid is doing something to some electrical part. Shannon walks up to him and tells him that she thought of what he can for her: "John Locke killed my brother. Will you do something about that?" Commercials.

Kate and Jack are sitting in a shelter. He's drinking some juice, and she wants him to drink the entire cup: "You need to get your blood sugar level up." So she's a doctor, as well as being a bank robber and expert tracker? He insists that he's fine, and that he needs to go find Locke. But as he tries to stand up, he staggers. She gets him to lie down, and then tells him that she crushed up some sleeping pills and put them in his drink. And then he passes out. The key is still around his neck at this point.

Shirtless Locke is washing the blood from his shirt. At last. He notices Walt staring at him and gives him a small wave, but Walt just walks away. Sayid walks up behind him and notices the scar from Locke's surgery, and asks him how he got it. Locke calls it a war wound. Sayid asks Locke about the radio in the plane that killed Boone. I mean, the plane killed Boone, not the radio. Sayid thinks that even if the radio was damaged in the fall, he can still use the parts in the transmitter he's building for the raft.

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