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Putting The "Fun" Back In "Funeral"

Sayid and Locke walk through the jungle, Sayid peppering Locke with questions about how he found the plane. Locke continues to lie, insisting that he found the plane accidentally. He does at least admit that they were not hunting, claiming that since the boar all disappeared, they were out exploring. You know, I can't tell if Locke is wearing a new shirt that happens to be light brown, or if that's the color his formerly white shirt turned when he tried to wash the blood out of it. Sayid interrogates Locke, trying to catch him in a lie, and Locke is aware that Sayid is interrogating him. And then they find the plane.

Flashback! Sayid and Assam play soccer in a park. Sayid tries to get information from Assam about what target they are planning to attack, but Assam knows nothing. Nothing! All he does know is that there is going to be a bombing, and he will be playing the role of suicide bomber. He seems upset, but wants to play more soccer. Sayid isn't down with that -- he grabs Assam and asks him what's wrong. It turns out that Assam isn't sure he wants to blow himself up along with a lot of innocent people.

Sayid meets with Agent Tina Turner and Agent Robbie on a jetty somewhere. I wonder if being back in Australia makes Agent Turner feel nostalgic for the Thunderdome? Sayid thinks that he can get Assam to turn himself in, but if he doesn't know where the C4 is, Agent Turner is not interested. She tells Sayid that he has to get Assam to go through with the bombing, at least until the point where they know where the explosives are. Sayid really doesn't want to, but Agent Turner tells him that if he quits now, Nadia will be arrested as an enemy combatant and sent to Guantanamo. Damn, Agent Tina Turner is a real hard-ass. I'm really surprised that she ever took any shit from Ike.

Back on Craphole Island, Charlie walks down the beach, carrying Turniphead. Vegetable Baby won't stop crying. Charlie tries reciting "Itsy-Bitsy Spider," but says that the rain "drowned" the spider out. Hurley comes along at that moment and corrects him, telling him that the word is "washed." Charlie is frustrated that Turniphead won't stop crying. Hurley wonders if he's hungry, but Claire nursed him a lot before taking her nap. They sniff his diaper to see if he needs changing, but he does not. And then Hurley says that "it's time to break out the big guns." Fortunately, he is referring neither to his arms nor to his breasts. Instead, he starts singing "I Feel Good" at Turniphead. It does no good.

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