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Putting The "Fun" Back In "Funeral"

Back at the plane, Sayid confirms that the Virgin Mary statuettes on the plane were full of heroin. He asks Locke, again, about where the plane was and how it fell and why Locke didn't climb up in it. He asks Locke why he lied to Jack when he said that Boone fell off a cliff, and Locke can only say, "I made a mistake." Sayid enters the wreckage of the plane to try to salvage any parts from the radio. He notes that there's a storm coming, and he'd like to get back to camp before it hits. While Sayid is crawling around in the plane, Locke asks him why he doesn't trust him. Sayid crawls out and points out that Locke has been carrying a gun he didn't mention to anybody. Locke tells Sayid that he found the gun on the body that he and Boone found, along with some Nigerian currency. He pulls the gun out of his pocket and hands it to Sayid. Locke asks if Sayid trusts him now that he's handed over the gun, but Sayid does not, because Locke only gave him the gun after Sayid confronted him about it. So Locke tells him, "Okay, I'll tell you something you don't know." And of the many, many things that Locke knows that Sayid does not know, he actually chooses to tell him something the audience doesn't know either. Namely, that he was the one who knocked Sayid out back when he was trying to track down the source of the French woman's transmission. Commercials.

Sayid grabs Locke by the throat with one hand and jams the gun into his neck with the other. Locke tells him that he what he did because he thought it would be foolish to go to the source of a transmission that talked about how something had killed everyone on the island. For some reason, Sayid accepts this bullshit logic. At least, he lets go of Locke's throat, although he does keep pointing the gun at Locke. He asks why Locke didn't tell him this earlier, and Locke points out that he feared that Sayid would go apeshit. He thinks people are too focused on getting off the island, going on to say, "It's like what's happening now with the raft." Sayid asks if Locke burned the raft, and Locke pretty convincingly denies having any involvement in that. And then Sayid asks Locke what the hatch is. Locke plays dumb, and eventually suggests that Boone must have been referring to the hatches on the plane in which he fell to his doom.

Assam and Sayid are walking down a street in Sydney. Assam is unsure whether he can be a suicide bomber, and Sayid talks him into it. At one point, Sayid tells Assam that "innocent lives will be lost, in service of a greater good." I'm just going to have to pretend that all of them are speaking in Arabic, because they're speaking loudly enough that every passerby can hear what they're saying. Sayid convinces Assam that if he loved his dead wife, he will go kill some other people. He does this in part by talking about how much pain he is in because of the woman he lost. He does not mention that the woman he lost is not actually dead. And then Assam asks Sayid if he'll join him in the suicide bombing. Sayid tells him that he will. It's TWoP's first ever Homoerotic Suicide Bombing -- or HoSuBo, if you will.

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