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Putting The "Fun" Back In "Funeral"

Back on Craphole Island, Shannon is going through Boone's bag. She finds a picture of the two of them in his wallet. Sayid walks up to her and asks her to take a walk with him. As they walk along, he tells her that Locke showed him the plane and that he believes that Boone's death was an accident. She wants to know why Locke lied about Boone falling off a cliff, and Sayid is not sure. Shannon is pissed that Sayid didn't whack Locke for her.

On the beach, Mercutio, Walt, and Jin work on the raft. Well, Walt's not really working -- instead, he's asking all sorts of questions that reveal his fear that the raft is a death trap. And I don't mean to be gross, but did they eat his dog? 'Cause we haven't seen him in quite a while. Charlie and a still-crying Turniphead arrive, and Charlie asks Michael for advice on quieting the baby. Michael's only advice is to walk with him. Charlie also tries to ask Jin if he knows where Sun is, because he needs her help with the baby. Charlie is the only person on the island stupid enough to continue to try to have complex conversations with Jin. What a moron. Sawyer arrives, actually doing some work to help construct the raft (by gathering materials, it seems), and tells Charlie to shut the baby up. As soon as Sawyer speaks, the baby becomes silent. And as soon as he stops speaking, the baby starts crying again. Even Charlie isn't so stupid that he doesn't make the connection pretty damn fast, and he ends up following along behind Sawyer, trying to get him to keep speaking.

Close-up of a sleeping Jack. Man, they really have been finding a lot of food on the island, haven't they? Dude is getting kind of fat. He wakes up to find Kate sitting next to him. He does not, as I would, jump at the sight of her hovering over him. He is also way too alert for someone who was drained of blood and then fed sleeping pills. She offers him some soup, but he passes. He touches his neck and starts freaking out when he realizes the key is gone.

Charlie and Kate walk down the beach. She thinks the key might have fallen off in the fight with Locke, but he's sure it didn't. As are we. They run into Sayid, who asks them what's going on. Jack tells him that Locke took the key. Sayid runs after them to tell them that he's pretty sure Locke did not take the key.

Either Shannon is standing under the waterfall, or it's started raining. She opens the gun case and takes out one of the guns. Commercials.

Sayid is walking down a street in Sydney when a white van squeals to a stop. One of Assam's friends is driving, and he tells Sayid to hop in. Assam is already in the back of the van, and the friend tells the two of them that it's time. For some sweet Middle-Eastern man loving? Oh, no, time for a suicide bombing.

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