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Live Alone; Die Together
ey're doing. Ben says, "John wants me to join him." Richard says, "You can't bring him in." Locke says, "Why not?" Richard explains that only the leader can request an audience with Jacob and there's only one leader on the island at a time. Locke insists Ben come along and says he'll work things out with Jacob if he takes issue. Richard hands his torch to Locke, finds the right stone on the statue's base, and pushes until he gets it ajar. He tells Locke, "Tell him I said hello," and leaves him and Ben to their business. Inside the statue, Ben walks ahead of Locke and takes in the whole scene. Locke asks Ben if he'll be able to do this. "I know it won't be easy, but things will change once he's gone. I promise." He hands Ben his knife, and Ben removes it from the sheath and we cut to...Commercial.

Island; This Place Is Sayid's Death; 1977: Jin piles cloth after cloth atop Sayid's wound, and it is just me, or did the wound move? Poor Jin. Poor Sayid. Too bad there isn't a doctor any closer than THE OTHER FRICKING SIDE OF THE VAN! Yeah, the slider is open and Juliet is sitting right there on the van floor, with her legs dangling out the door. Miles walks up to her, Sawyer and Hurley and Kate, who also find the side of the van more compelling than the dying Sayid, and says, "Can I ask you something, LaFleur?" Sawyer says, "There's ain't no more LaFleur, Enos. Go ahead, shoot." Miles says the words I've been wondering the whole episode. "Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy's going to cause the thing he's trying to prevent?" Everyone sort of looks at each other, and I laugh and laugh and laugh. Miles ignores me and says, "Perhaps that little nuke is the incident, so maybe the best thing to do..." Miles employees his jazz hands for emphasis. "...Is nothing?" Sawyer looks again at Juliet. Hurley looks down. Miles realizes how far gone these people are, and says, "Well, I'm glad you all thought this through." As he starts to walk away from them, they hear a Jeep down below and Jin realizes it's speeding toward the Swan site. Kate says, "If they see Jack, they're going to kill him." Sawyer looks at Juliet and says, "What do you think, Blondie?" Juliet considers for a moment, then says, "Live together; die alone," and we cut to...

The Swan Site: The Radzinsky Beast thanks Phil for coming while Dr. Chang yells that they need to be getting people away from the site, not summoning them to it. Everyone ignores him while Jack watches from above. Phil orders men to the top of the scaffolding and everyone seems to be ignoring that all the gauges -- temperature, RPM and Gauss are pinned (or nearly so) to their highest reading. Jack creeps down to hide behind the water tank, but Phil spots him and yells, "There." He fires on poor Jack as does just about everyone else on site. Everyone, that is, until the blue van appears over the crest and drives down to the site. The cavalry is here and Kate's riding shotgun (but shooting handgun). The slider is open and Juliet's firing out it. She jumps out of the van, as do Sawyer, Miles and possibly everyone but Kate. Hurley must have stayed behind with Sayid. The diversion allows Jack to make it closer to the hatch with his nuke. Sawyer knocks out the Radzinsky Beast WHEN HE HAD A CLEAR SHOT AT HIS HEAD, BACK AND OTHER PLACES THAT WOULD PUT HIM OUT OF OUR MISERY. You just lost 25 points of my love, James. He doesn't care, he's too busy ordering Phil to drop his weapon or he's a dead man. Oh James, Radzinsky is the head of this particular serpent. Off with its head. Off with its head!

Sawyer grabs Phil while Chang disarms the Radzinsky Beast. Because Sawyer has him in a headlock with a gun pointed at his brain, Phil gives the order for the crew to drop their weapons. Once they have, Sawyer tells Jack he can come out, now. And damn it, the Radzinsky Beast isn't even unconscious. Sawyer's down 50 points, now. Kate comes out of the van when Jack appears. Sawyer tells Jack, "Hurry up and do your business." I hardly think this is the time for a trip to the little boys' room, James. Oh, you mean the business of making everything go 'splodey. Well, why the heck not. For good measure, Sawyer orders the workers to turn "that damned thing" (i.e. the drill) off. Chang does the honors and we hear the drill start to wind down and thank goodness, because I'm tense enough without all that extra noise.

Wait. It's still going. Chang yells that it won't shut down. Sawyer asks, "Why not?" Chang says, "Something's pulling the drill down." The Radzinsky Beast sneers, "We've hit the pocket!" Juliet and Kate stand guard as Jack removes the bomb from its spur-of-the-moment, custom-tailored pack. He pauses as he holds it over the hatch -- a fine spray of water baptizes his face, and Sawyer hollers at him to hurry up. Jack looks up at Kate, whose eyes are full of tears. She nods at him. Sawyer throws Phil down and then looks at Juliet, who smiles like she's starting to twig the fact that maybe he likes her a little. You crazy kids. Sawyer closes his eyes as if to say...something. It ought to be, "I'm sorry I didn't kill the Radzinsky Beast," but it's probably more like, "I've got your back, Blondie, but er...I don't know as that I'm all that much protection against this here nu-cu-lehr bomb." Speaking of, Jack lets the bomb fall. We watch it plummet for a moment, before the camera pans to our main characters. Sawyer lowers his head. Juliet cries, maybe joyfully, but cringes. Jack braces himself. Kate closes her eyes and lets the tears fall. They all grimace and brace as they wait for the explosion that seems to be taking forever to happen. Because it is taking forever. It's not happening. Finally, Sawyer breaks the silence. "This don't look like LAX."

The temperature gage has maxed out at 300 degrees. The other meters are still maxed out, too. Steam shoots from the hatch and then everything metal starts flying into it. At first, it's small stuff like Jack's gun and some hand tools. Chang presses the drill's off button repeatedly, but to no avail. Next the metal scaffolding starts getting sucked into the hatch. When it falls, it pins Dr. Chang's left hand. Miles yells, "Dad!" and runs to him. A wheelbarrow flies into the hatch -- then a toolbox, which hits Jack on the head and knocks him out -- on its way. Kate cries out his name and runs to him. Miles frees Chang and orders him to get as far away as he can. The Radzinsky Beast and a couple of Dharma guys hop in a Jeep and try to take off, but their Jeep's pulled toward the hatch, too. YES! When it tips on its side, the Radzinsky Beast is, unfortunately, thrown free. NO! A rifle starts sliding across the ground toward the hatch, but Phil stops it with his foot, picks it up, and aims at Sawyer, yelling, "Hey, LaFleur." Sawyer looks behind Phil and skedaddles away from the scaffolding that's about to pin Phil to the ground. It does, and then Phil is staked with a metal pole. Why couldn't that have happened with Radzinsky? Oh, right. You'd need wooden stakes or a silver bullet, or the like.

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