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Live Alone; Die Together
but still, I can't shake that thought.

And Jacob? Is he good, or is he evil. The show has played with the symbolism of black and white for years now. It's hard to know whether to give the color of Jacob and Esau's attire its traditional understanding, or switch it around. And what to make of the fact that Jacob's pants are black, while Esau's are grey? For that matter, let's take a look at Jacob's visits to our Lost-aways. Now surely, he wanted them all to come to the island, as a back-up/reset plan for when Esau found his loophole, but beyond that, let's see what we've got.

Gift: NKOTB lunchbox (and getting her out of trouble).
Touch: He boops her on the nose.
Words: He tells her to be a good girl and gets her to promise she won't steal again.
Analysis: Talking the grocer out of calling the cops and Katie's mom can be read as either a kindly act or a destructive one. Sure, he saved her from getting in trouble, but the benefit of getting into trouble when you're young and the consequences are low is that you'll learn to stop doing bad things, before you grow up and the consequences are higher -- a lesson Kate could have stood to learn, yes. Of course she made her own choices, but did he give her a little nudge? Still, his words to the grocer about what mattering is that someone pays does draw my mind to Christ.

Gift: Pen
Touch: brushing his fingers.
Words: He offers his condolences about James' parents.
Analysis: Giving this grieving boy a pen when he was writing the particular letter he was writing (and if Jacob's not omniscient, he knows enough about our characters that I don't doubt he knows about the letter) did nothing to discourage the boy from accepting that what's "Done is done." Again, James made his own choices, even though he had Uncle Doug to nudge him the right way, at the time, but Jacob's gift did nothing to dissuade this boy from growing up and seeking vengeance, and perhaps that shiny pen served as a little temptation.

Gift: None
Touch: On the shoulder, right after Nadia is hit by the car.
Words: Nothing of substance.
Analysis: Arguably, Jacob kept Sayid from getting hit by the car, but he did nothing to save Nadia, and perhaps if Sayid hadn't been distracted, he could have saved her -- or she never would have stopped in the middle of the street. Then again, the car seemed to have been aiming for her. If Ben was telling the truth -- ahahahahaha, pardon me -- if Ben was telling the truth and that was one of Widmore's men, was the car meant to knock off Sayid? If so, why? I don't remember attempts on the lives of any of the other Escape-aways, except possibly Hurley while he was in Santa Rosa, and that was only once the whole issue of returning to the island was coming to a head. The fact that men were staking out Hurley's mental institution was used by Ben to get Sayid back to the States. Given Sayid's condition before the bomb went off, and his chilling words that there's no saving him, I can't help but think thusly about the narrative. Jacob saved Sayid's life -- gave him a second chance, and Sayid used it to murder people. Oh Sayid, I hope I'm wrong and that there is salvation for you.

Gift: None.
Touch: No visible touch and Jacob was wearing black gloves.
Words: A request to help him.
Analysis: Ilana seemed to know who Jacob was. Was it of her and her crew that Jacob spoke, when he gasped, "They're coming" with his dying breath -- or was he speaking of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, et al, and their giant Jughead-fueled reset? If Jacob is this island's god, are Ilana and her crew angels or zealots?

Sun & Jin
Gift: None.
Touch: Touches them both on their arms -- at the same time.
Words: His blessing in the form of cautionary words -- not to take one another for granted.

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