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Live Alone; Die Together

The Swan Site: The Radzinsky Beast wants to know who stopped the drilling. Dr. Chang, who went from villain to hero in just seconds last week, is not shy about claiming responsibility. The Radzinsky Beast gets all nasty with him (redundant, I know) and the two argue. Chang reminds him of the potential consequences of drilling into the hot pocket. The Radzinsky Beast snits, "If Edison was only worried about the consequences, we'd all be sitting in the dark," because apparently he created the sun and discovered fire, too. Who knew? The Radzinsky Beast came to this island to "change the world," and nothing like the concerns of a respected peer or common sense is going to stop him. The Swan and its hot pocket really is Radzinsky's one ring, yeah? The drilling resumes and we jump to...

Island Shore; 2007: Locke and his band of buggered continue their death march to Jacob. When Locke orders everyone to "take 5," Sun asks who Jacob is. Ben explains Jacob is in charge of the island. Sun thought Locke was in charge. Ben seems annoyed that she doesn't get it, and grumps that John's the leader. "A title that I've discovered is incredibly temporary. But everyone answers to someone, and the leader answers to Jacob." When Sun wants to know what Jacob is like, Ben's resentment becomes corporeal and tries to dash her head on the rocks. "I don't know, Sun. I've never met him." Meanwhile, Richard tells John, "Ben told me that he strangled you." Locke confirms that's his recollection as well. Richard says, "He said he was sure you were dead. He saw your coffin loaded onto that plane that you came back on. How are you alive?" Richard, do me a solid and ask Ben if it was loaded onto the plane in a huge, metallic case that seems about big enough to hold a casket. Locke's kind of sarcastic with Richard. "Well, you've been on this island much longer than I have, Richard. If anyone should have an explanation -- I think it would be you." See, that's the thing. Richard's been there a long time. "I've seen things on this island that I can barely describe, but I've never seen someone come back to life." Because dead is dead. Locke says, "And I've never seen anyone who doesn't...age. Doesn't mean it can't happen." Richard's so sincere here as he says, "I'm this way because of Jacob. If I had to guess, he's the reason you're not in that coffin anymore." Locke says he agrees. "That's why I'm doing this, so I can thank him." Is it just me, or does new, confident, exuberant Locke turn dark right here -- even darker than last week, when he told Ben they were going to kill Jacob? He says, "Once I've done that, we're going to need to deal with the rest of the passengers from the Ajira flight that brought me here." Richard says, "What do you mean, 'deal with them'?" Locke doesn't blink. "You know what I mean." Oh my. Break's over, people. While Locke rallies his troops, we cut to...

The Pontoon: Ilana, Bram and crew, and their casket-sized crate (and other cargo, which includes an unconscious Frank) reach shore. The crew beaches the boat while Bram grumbles about having to bring this yahoo (i.e. Frank) along since he didn't even know the answer to "the question." Ilana says that doesn't mean he's not important. Bram wants to know if she means that Frank is a "candidate." Ilana realizes Frank is only pretending to be unconscious. Bram demands to know how long Frank has been listening, so Frank says, "Long enough to wonder what the hell I'm a candidate for." Never mind that, Frank. What's your slogan? Vote for Frank or he'll never grow back his beard. When Frank asks, "Who the hell are you people?" Ilana claims she, Bram and crew are "friends." He asks if all their friends get smacked in the head with an oar. Ilana smiles. "Only the ones we like." Heh. Has she met Sawyer? Frank again gives us a laidback Brad Pitt. "What's in the box?" Ilana raises her eyebrows at Bram who tells her it's her call. She orders the crew to open it and Frank gets a good look inside, but we don't. He winces and deadpans: "Terrific." And they go to commercial so they don't have to show us what's in the box, but we now all know what's in the box and that that what is but a who.

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