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Live Alone; Die Together

Tunnels Under Dharmaville: While Sayid removes the bomb's core, Richard tells Jack that he met John Locke in 1954 and that he said he was to become their leader. He's gone off-island three times since then to visit him, and Locke's never seemed particularly special to him. "Do you know him -- Locke?" Jack laughs softly. "Yeah. Yeah I know him. And if I were you, I wouldn't give up on him." Oh, Jack. I hate it when you make your haters right. We jump to...

The Shore; 2007: Locke wants to know why Ben hasn't yet told Richard that Locke plans to kill Jacob. He doesn't understand Ben's newfound cooperative spirit. Ben explains how his dead daughter scared him straight. Locke wants things crystal clear. "So you're willing to do whatever I say, no matter what it is?" Ben says, "Yes." Locke gloats about not having to work to convince Ben. "I'm not going to kill Jacob, Ben." He pauses for effect. "You are." When Ben looks at him in wearied disbelief, Locke's return gaze could flash-freeze whatever Linus has in place of a soul. Locke then turns, and marches ahead. Commercial.

Thursday, October 20, 2005; Los Angeles: Sayid and Noor "Nadia" Abed Jazeem Shamar Jarrah arrive at an intersection, and as they wait in the California sunshine, they debate how to celebrate their anniversary. Sayid proposes Paris. Which, really dude? You sure? Right now, Nadia's only concerned with finding her sunglasses, so she's still digging in her purse when the happy couple gets the walk signal, and starts across the street. Sayid is called back by JACOB, who says he thinks he's lost. Get it? Sorry. (Not really.) As Sayid looks at Jacob's map, Nadia turns around in the crosswalk to crow about finding her shades, and a car, which we've been told is driven by one Ishmael Bakir, kills her in a hit and run, which is as cartoonishly delightful as the death of Juliet's ex-husband...er, unless of course you're Nadia or Sayid, I suppose. We learned Ishmael's name and that the hit and run was anything but an accident, from one Mr. Benjamin Linus, who claimed Bakir was working for Charles Widmore, and Ben claimed this while he was recruiting Sayid to work for him as an assassin, so remember, I'm just filling in the story, not swearing any of this is true. I've got enough sins on my soul, thank you very much. I'm not testifying to Ben's words. No way. No how.

Back to the accident, Nadia goes flying. Jacob touches Sayid on the shoulder. The hit and run driver gets to the running off part, and Sayid rushes to Nadia's side. The subtitles translate her final words. "Take me home. Take me home." We close in on their left hands -- adorned with wedding bans, and Nadia's blood. Sayid covers her dead hand with his deadly one, and we jump to...

Tunnels; 1977: Sayid wraps the Jughead's core in a canvas carrier that seems custom made for the job. Clearly, they found it stuffed in the back of Daniel's journal, right? He, Jack, Richard and Ellie make their way to just the right spot in just the right tunnel, that has just the right rock -- a triangular one -- which Richard smashes with a sledge hammer that just happens to be lying around. On the other side of the wall is the inside of a Dharma House. Jack's ready to lead, but Ellie reminds him she's in charge and she'll go first. Jack might hesitate to kill anyone who got in the way, whereas Ellie always shoots first and asks questions later, even when her victim is her OWN FLESH AND BLOOD! < /still bitter> While she's still wearing her bossy pants, Richard grabs Ellie from behind (stop it) and knocks her out with his butt -- the butt of his weapon, that is. Jack's all what they hey, man? Richard has to protect his leader at all costs. They've helped Jack and Sayid enough. Now Richard's taking Ellie out the way they came in and Jack and Sayid are on their own.

Our dashing duo enters the Dharma house, proper. We can see a Jenny Lind crib in one room, so my money says this is Horace and Amy's house. Of course, I've already watched the whole episode, but I spotted the crib the first time. Just sayin'... Outside in Dharmaville an alarm continues to sound and someone barks orders over the P.A. system. To get out of the house and over to the Swan, Sayid snags one of Horace's jumpsuits, because he looks just like him, don't you think? They make it about halfway across the quad when we see Phil and I'm sure he's going to recognize them, but no! It's waste-of-breath Roger Linus who spots them, and since he knows Sayid is the man who shot his son, he's ready to return the favor. Sayid is carrying a nuclear frickin' device, so he kindly tries to warn Roger off, but Roger's reflexes are crap after spending the last dozen years in an alcoholic haze, so he shoots, and although he misses the weapon, he gets Sayid somewhere in the gut area. Gut wounds are never good, especially on TV, when the only guy handy who can even stand you is a spinal surgeon without all his operating gadgets on him. Speaking of -- Jack takes aim at Roger, fire and misses, so he fires again and misses and fires willy nilly and still misses everyone, it seems. This is So Not Jack's Day. A whole bunch of people take aim at Jack as he helps Sayid to his feet. They too fire and miss. It's not their day, either. Jack and Sayid hide behind a cabin so Jack can reload his weapon. Things look grim for them (especially Sayid), but they're saved by Hurley, Miles, Jin and a Dharma blue VW bus. They cut to commercial so I can exhale.

Craphole Bay; 1977: Kate, Sawyer and Juliet paddle to shore in a rubber raft while the sub returns to its course. Juliet's heart breaks before our eyes and Sawyer and Kate are so heartless as to engage in...good-natured and possibly mildly flirtatious conversation. Juliet, get a grip, girl. Don't let go of your man that easily. When they get to shore, Kate thanks Juliet for backing her up on the sub and Sawyer yells that he has no idea where they are, when suddenly something rushes them from the bushes. It's VINCENT! We interrupt to give you this spur-of-the-moment crackpot theory: if Esau is Smokey, perhaps Jacob is Vincent. We now return you to my regular insanity. As the tri-angst-le makes nice with the puppers, we hear a disgusted, "Oh, no," from the brush. It's ROSE. ROSE AND A VERY HEAVILY BEARDED BERNARD. THEY ARE ALIVE! HURRAH! They're alive and they're as annoyed to see the tri-angst-le as the trio is thrilled to see them. Rose shakes her head. "They found us." Bernard looks up at these kids he so wants off his lawn and grouses, "Son of a Bitch!" Hee! We cut to...

The VW Bus: Hurley, Miles, Jin, Jack, and Sayid rush down the road to the Swan arguing while trying to stop Sayid from bleeding out. Miles sees the bomb and freaks, but everyone else is freaking so it's less exciting than his typical freak-outs. When Jin wants to know what's at the Swan, Jack does his level best to lure him over to the crazy side. "I think I've found a way to get you back to your wife." We cut back to...

Bernard and Rose, leading Kate, Sawyer and Juliet to their cabin. They've just been living out in the jungle all alone and were quite enjoying it until today. They know Jin, Sawyer, etc. joined up with the Dharma Initiative and have been combing the island for them. They didn't want to be found. They're "retired." When they're warned about Jack's bomb and their impending doom, Rose says, "Who cares? It's always something with you people." She's got their number and isn't playing along. Bernard feels similarly. "So we die? We jus

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