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Live Alone; Die Together

Korea; Sun and Jin's Wedding: Drink deep Sun and Jin lovers, because this is their only time together during the entire two hour finale. During her vows, in front of a Temple, Sun tells Jin she's been in love with him since they first met and loves the man he will become as they spend their lives together. She places his ring on his finger and Jin notes that he wrote down his vows, and takes out the paper. Sun is charmed by this because it's so darned charming. Just look at him. Oh so cute. The subtitles tell us he says, "We will never be apart, because being apart from you would be like the sky being apart from the earth." He slides her ring on her finger, they kiss and we cut to...

The Receiving Line: After they exchange their vows receiving their guests. Sun has changed from her (western style) white wedding gown into a (western) slinky blue evening gown. Most of the men are in western dress too, but some of the female guests wear traditional Korean finery and it's so lovely, I wish they had dressed Sun in Korean wedding garb, too. Sun's aunt asks when they're going to start a family, and Sun laughingly tells her, "Maybe on the honeymoon." Next in line is JACOB! He offers a blessing in Korean. Per the subtitles he says, "I'd like to offer you my blessing. Your love is a very special thing." He pauses as he puts a hand on each one's arm. "Never take it for granted. They all bow to one another and Jacob leaves them. Sun asks Jin who that was. Jin says, "I don't know...but his Korean was excellent." Don't worry, Jin, your English will be better than Sawyer's in no time. Of course, so will Vincent's. As Sun watches Jacob walk away, we jump to...

Island; 1977: Hurley and co. are still careening toward the Swan site. Sayid's still bleeding to death and he seems almost triumphant as he tells Jack, "You can't stop the bleeding." Jin gives Jack some fresh dressings while Miles tries to understand Jack's plan. Jack corrects his assumption that they'll go back in time. Miles says, "Right, because that would be ridiculous." He better make it out of here alive, because he adds so much to the show. Sayid tells Jack he needs to rig the bomb to detonate on impact. "We need to be there at the moment of the incident or all of this will be for nothing." Oh, I would laugh and laugh. Suddenly, Hurley brings the van to a halt -- because Juliet, Sawyer and Kate are standing in the middle of the road, and Sawyer's got his rifle trained right on them. The camera gives us close-ups of Sawyer, Kate and Jack's faces, and then...Commercial.

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