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Live Alone; Die Together

Island; 2007: Locke and his minions arrive at the four-toed ruins. Locke says, "Well, it's a wonderful foot, Richard, but what does it have to do with Jacob?" Heh. Richard says, "That's where he lives." Because Jacob's an ancester of the old woman who lived in the shoe. Peculiar family, that. We jump to...

Island; 1977: Sawyer tells Jack, "I need five minutes to say what I need to say and then you can do whatever the hell you want to do. But you're going to listen. You owe me that much, Jack." Dr. Jackass agrees, and neglects to inform the only other doctor present, Juliet, that Sayid is BLEEDING TO DEATH. He then goes off exploring with Mr. Snide, and we jump to...

St. Sebastian's Hospital OR: 2000ish? Jack's in surgery. He accidentally nicks his patient's dural sac and freaks out. His father Christian is also in the operating theater and tells Jack he has five seconds to get it together, or he (Christian) is going to take over. So this is the origin of Jack's terrific scene with Kate in the pilot about letting his fear run wild for five seconds then shutting it off? Feh. Still, Jack does as he's told, gets his fear in check, and fixes up the patient. We cut to...

St. Sebastian's Corridor: Post-surgery, Jack tries to get an Apollo candy bar out of the vending machine but it gets stuck. He beats up the machine to no avail and then picks a fight with his father who is trying to give him good news about his patient. Jack says Christian embarrassed him by putting him in "time-out" during his first major procedure, in front of the entire staff. "Dad, I know you don't believe in me, but I need them to." Christian says, "Are you sure I'm the one that doesn't believe in you?" Blah blah blah Daddy Issues. Christian stalks off and a man rounds the corner with two Apollo candy bars. It's JACOB! He says, "Are one of these yours?" and hands a candy bar to Jack. Their fingers touch. Jack mumbles about the machine getting stuck. Jacob says, "I guess it just needed a little push." Okee-dokee. We jump to...

Island; 2007: Sawyer sits, Jack reluctantly joins him and Sawyer tells Jack the sad story of his childhood and the death of his parents. Jack says, "I'm sorry." Wistfully, Sawyer says, "Yeah." Then he adds, "That was a year ago." Jack's not following, so Sawyer says, "Right now, it's July, 1977, which means that happened last year. So I could have hopped on a sub, gone back to the states, walked right in my house and stopped my daddy from killing anybody." Jack asks why he didn't. Sawyer says, "Because Jack, what's done is done." When Jack says it didn't have to be that way, Sawyer asks Jack what he screwed up so badly the first time around that he's willing to set off a nuke to start over. Jack says three years ago, Locke told him everything was happening for a reason. He drank the Kool-Aid; he served destiny. Sawyer doesn't speak destiny and he wants to know what Jack's real motive is. "What do you want, Jack?" Jack says, "I had her. I had her, and I lost her." When Sawyer realizes Jack's talking about Kate he says, "Well damn, Doc, she's standing right on the other side of those trees. You want her back? Just go and ask her." Jack says it's too late and rises to leave, telling Sawyer his five minutes are up. Sawyer reminds Jack that if the psychotic Jack Daniels plan works, he and Kate won't even know one another and she'll be on her way to the big house. Thank you, Sawyer. I've been saying that for what feels like weeks. Jack's all, "If it was meant to be, it was meant to be." And so...I need a new paragraph for this mini-rant.

See, here's the thing. I don't speak destiny, either. Now, I'm a religious person myself -- a "true believer" if you will, although I get along just fine with science too. And I'm just not so married to any concept of predestination that denies we have free will. That's because we have FREE WILL. I mean, maybe I'll put a comma here, and an exclamation point here! and a semi-colon here; and there; and I realize now I'm setting myself up for an editor with a sense of humor, so please control yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. My point, Jack, is that free will was Daniel's whole point when he told you that you could be a variable rather than a constant, Jack. And so okay Jack, you're buying into the be-a-variable plan, but you're doing so with all this blather about destiny. If you're destined to be a variable how are you not a constant? It seems to me that if you were really destiny's bitch like you've deluded yourself into thinking you are, you wouldn't do anything -- at least not anything hard or challenging, because if something was meant to be, it would just be. Right Jack? Argggh. You're making me crazy here. And don't get me started on you laying this all at the feet of your love for Kate. I don't doubt your feelings, mind you, but you had all these other reasons -- decent ones even, like wanting to save all the lives of the people who have died since Oceanic 815 crashed on Craphole. Perhaps that should have been the argument you presented to Sawyer.

Sawyer doesn't have the time or patience to say all that, so he just punches Jack in the face. Good show, James! While giving him his long over-due whupping, Sawyer asks Jack who the hell he thinks he is. Jack answers with his fists and they beat the snot out of each other. Sawyer says, "You think you can come here and do anything you want? I had a life here!" It looks like Jack will best Sawyer for a while, but the tables turn, right around the time Jack tells Sawyer he just doesn't understand. Sawyer gets the upper hand and is just about to knock out Jack when he's stopped by Juliet who has totally changed her tune. She says, "We have to do this." She suddenly thinks Jack ought to blow everything up, after all. Jack wanders off while the lovebirds argue. She's driving him out of his mind, which he makes clear while reminding her that she's the one that demanded they return and stop Jack. He screams, "What happened?" Juliet says, "I changed my mind," and we cut to commercial so as not to witness Sawyer's aneurism first hand.

Mainland; 1980s (maybe): Young Juliet and her sister Rachel listen tearfully as their parents explain they're divorcing. They still love one another. Their mom says, "Just because two people love each other, doesn't always mean they're supposed to be together." The kids recognize this as the steaming pile that it is. So when Mom says, "When you're a grown-up, you'll understand," Juliet yells that she doesn't want to understand and storms off. But there's no Jacob waiting to lay a consoling hand on her shoulder, and give her a new bicycle chain, or parents, whatever. We jump to...

Island; 1977: Sawyer runs off after Juliet wanting to talk about her change of heart. "I need you to tell me where all this is coming from. [...] I got a right to know why you changed your mind." Juliet says, "I changed my mind when I saw you look at her." Yes. That's what she says. No lie. Sawyer says, "I don't care who I looked at. I'm with you." Juliet says, "And you would stay with me forever if I let you, and that is why I will always love you." She regurgitates her mother's line about love not meaning they were meant to be together. "Maybe we were never supposed to be together, so if Jack can make it so that none of you ever come here -- he should." Sawyer wants to know why she's doing this, and Juliet has trouble answering at first, but finally says that if she never meets him, she'll never have to suffer losing him. Sawyer stares at her as we cut to...

The Swan Construction Site: The drilling continues fast and furious and as the crew cools off the equipment with the water from their handy, dandy water truck, Chang calls to the Radzinsky Beast and tells him the Gauss readings just "jumped off the charts." The Radzinsky Beast examines the meter and see

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