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Live Alone; Die Together
s it redlining at 20kG, which I couldn't explain to you if my life depended on it. But it's bad, very bad. It must be, because the Radzinsky Beast is thrilled that they're "on top of the [hot] pocket." Chang warns him to stop drilling or all hell will break lose. Just then, Phil breaks in on the walkie-talkie and warns the Radzinsky Beast about Sayid being spotted at Dharmaville and being rescued by some of the other recruits in a van. Radzinsky freaks because "that hostile knows about the Swan." He orders Phil to bring his men and his weapons and get out to the Swan. "When they get here, we're going to be ready for them."

Jack watches all this from the bushes. Kate finds him, sees he's bleeding from a cut above his brow and asks what happened. Suddenly, Kate likes Jack again, so she can't put two and two together. Jack just laughs. "My talk with Sawyer didn't go so good." I picked up some of his poor speech habits and everything, Freckles. She grabs Jack's bloody head and asks if it hurts. When he says it is okay, she wipes some of the blood away with her thumb, and then with the heel of one hand. Her touch turns to a caress at the end. Oh, these frigging people. Why don't you just love the one you're with. Kate asks if he remembers when she sewed him up, when he first got here. Jack smiles. "It seems like a million years ago." Kate says, "Or thirty years from now." They share a deep meaningful look and I think Jack wonders if that's love he sees in her eyes. I know I do, when a half hour ago, I was sure it was Sawyer and Kate forever. Except I want it to be Sawyer and Juliet and GAH! Jack asks why Kate made him promise to never ask about Aaron. Kate says she was just so angry with Jack for "making" her come back to Craphole. He didn't "make" you Kate. Sheesh. Jack asks if that's why she came back. Kate explains that she came back so that Aaron can be where he belongs -- with his mother. Jack notes that if the Jack Daniels plan works, Claire won't ever come to the island and they'll always be together. Kate reminds him that Claire was going to give Aaron up for adoption, but Jack says they don't know what she would actually do once the time came, which is a good point. "Whatever it is, it would be her choice. If you want to save Claire, this is the only way to do it." Oh, Claire. Sheesh Jack, you could have told Sawyer that she was your frigging sister instead of being all I don't like Monday's, I'm going to shooooot the whole island down." Jack goes on to tell Kate that he needs her to believe that nothing in his whole life has ever felt so right. Kate looks at him like she's trying, but they're interrupted by a loud noise at the Swan site, below.

Steam shoots out of the hatch and I can't decide if there's an alarm sounding or if the musical director is getting even more creative. The Radzinsky Beast yells for the crew to keep the drill going. Chang seems to argue. Back above, Jack says, "It's about to happen." He looks Kate dead in the eye. "Are you with me on this." His smile starts at his eyes, before she can even say, "Yes," which she does. These people are all in dire need of medication. Commercial.

Lock-Up; L.A.; 2007: As the officer at the desk discharges Hurley, Hurley tries to convince him that he's a stone cold killer in need of locking up. The officer doesn't buy it any more than we do and tells Hurley to take his belongings and leave. Hurley starts raving about men with tranquilizer darts "hunting me down like an animal. They want to bring me somewhere against my will." The officer deadpans, "There's a cab stand right out front." Hee. Hurley opens the back door of the waiting cab to find it's occupied by JACOB! They decide to share a ride but Jacob declines Hurley's offer to split his cherry Fruit Roll-Up. Hurley wants to know what Jacob was "in" for and shares that he was in jail for killing three people. "Well I didn't really. I guess they figured it out. What about you?" Jacob says he wasn't in jail. Hurley asks what he was doing sitting outside one then, in a cab. Jacob says, "I was waiting for you, Hugo," so Hurley immediately assumes Jacob is dead. Ha! Jacob says, "I'm definitely not dead. [...] I want to know why you won't go back to the island." Hurley says, "Because I'm cursed," and cites the crash, deaths, and ghostly visitors as his evidence. Jacob suggests that Hurley is, instead, blessed. "You get to talk to the people you've lost. That seems like a pretty wonderful thing to me." Hurley's all sure, except that means I'm crazy. Jacob asks Hurley to take his word that he's not crazy. When Hurley asks Jacob who he is, Jacob instructs the cabbie to pull over at the next corner. Raise your hand if you wish you'd gotten to see the driver's face reacting to this entire discussion as it took place. Before Jacob leaves the taxi, he leans over the guitar case between him and Hurley and gives him the Ajira flight 316 information and tells him all he has to do is be on that plane. He touches Hurley on the shoulder as he says, "It's your choice, Hugo. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." As Jacob gets out of the cab, Hurley tells him he forgot his guitar. Jacob leans back in and says, "It's not my guitar." We jump to...

Island; 1977: Sayid is out of the bus, leaning his back against the bumper as he sits on the ground and bleeds to death. Hurley gives him water as he says everything will be fine. "When Jack changes the future. Or the past. One of those." Looking on, Miles tells Jin, "I don't think your buddy's going to make it." But Jin disagrees. Just then, Jack and Kate return from spying on the Swan site, tell the gang that something just happened and Jack says it's time for him to go. Sayid tells him the bomb is all set. "Remember, be careful. It's rigged to explode on impact." That would be just the magical incantation I needed to make sure I fell hard, on my back, about 6 inches away from all my friends. Good luck, Jackie-boy. Sayid reminds Jack that the Jack Daniels plan states he must "get the bomb as close as possible to the source of electro-magnets." No, really. That's what he said. There's a slight chance he said electro-magnism, but that's not even a word. My spellcheck's all pissed off at me for using it, and everything. I shouldn't pick on Sayid, he's dying. Jack counters that the Jack Daniels plan will work, and it will save him. Sayid says the saddest words I've ever heard on this show: "Nothing can save me." Nobody argues with him, which is even sadder. Kate helps Jack put on his custom made nuclear-device-toting backpack. He looks at her, and a bolder man would have kissed her, but Jack just nods and heads off through the jungle on his lonely quest. He meets up with Juliet who, oh my word, I just realized is wearing a red shirt. Frak. Sawyer and Jack pass one another, and with as much machismo as he can muster, Jack spits, "See you in Los Angeles." I expect Sawyer to snark at him, but instead, he makes a boo-boo kitty face which leaves me laughing so hard I have to hit the pause button, which turns out to be unnecessary, because all that happens after that is Jack walking along through the jungle. At least that's all that happens until we jump to...

Four-Toes Beach; Nighttime; 2007: Richard tries to encourage Locke to wait and let Jacob come to him, but Locke's tired of waiting and demands to know where Jacob is. Richard picks up a lit torch, and walks off. Locke follows him and we cut to Ben who's trying to recapture his Zen, on the beach. I think you left it alongside your innocence -- in the Temple years ago, Ben. Sun asks him what happened to the statue and when Ben says he doesn't know, "It was like that when I got here." Sun says, "Do you expect me to believe that?" Ben almost smiles. "Not really." Locke calls to Ben and tells him to follow along. Tamed, maybe even broken, Ben quietly complies until Richard stops them and wonders what th

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