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Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

Locke carries Boone back to the caves so Jack can help him, and we see Locke being fuzzy with the details of just what happened to Boone, right before Locke disappears.

Kate, having been sent to get some supplies for Dr. Jack, runs into Claire, who's going into labour.

Boone comes to long enough to tell Jack that Locke said not to say anything about the hatch. Jack's rather confused, given that no one but Locke and Boone knew anything about the hatch.

Claire's labour continues, while Jack's efforts to help Boone, with Sun assisting, are in vain.

Claire gives birth (we get to revisit Jin telling Charlie to stay away with an amused shake of his head), and Boone asks Jack to let him go. Thank god we don't have to go through the whole amputation sequence.

People hug as Claire cradles her newborn three-month-old baby, and Jack closes the dead Boone's eyes.

Abbreviated musical montage of Claire showing off her baby, while Shannon cries over the body of her dead brother/boyfriend.

Jack goes to the beach to be all brooding and anguished.

"What if you have failed, and your faith is lost?"

Kate comes by to commiserate about Boone dying, but a sullen Jack tells her that Boone didn't die: "He was murdered." And now Jack's off in search of Locke…

…who's back at the hatch.

"But what if you have failed…and your faith…"

Locke yells at the hatch, saying that he's done everything the island wanted, so why did it do this? And so forth. And a light comes on inside the hatch.

"…is restored?"

Here's a question: what if you jackasses quit with the cash grabs and get back to showing actual episodes already?

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