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Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

"And what if somehow you survived?"

Um, yay?

Wreckage Beach. People looking dazed and confused and soon to be sucked into jet engines. There's Jack, wandering around looking for the beverage cart. There's Shannon, screaming. There's Jin. There's Locke, wiggling his toes for the first time in a few years. There's Mercutio yelling for Walt. There's Jack struggling to free an injured passenger from under some wreckage, but unable to do it himself, so here's his first instance of island bossiness, yelling at Locke (busy testing out his newly rejuvenated gams) to come over and give him a hand, as do a couple of nameless and lineless extras.

After freeing Screamy Guy, Jack hears more screaming from elsewhere, looks up, and sees an eleven-months'-pregnant Claire doubled over, yelling and clutching her stomach. He sprints off after her, and she tells him she's having contractions, which she isn't, and won't be for another few weeks. And then there's the poor guy who gets sucked into the jet engine, and I must say ABC's gotten its money's worth out of that shot.

Shirtless Jack exhorts a perplexed Kate to sew him up, and we see the first "spark" of their "chemistry." (Quotation marks mine, denoting sarcasm.)

"You're one of forty-eight survivors expecting rescue. Fathers, sons. Husbands, wives."

Shots of the survivors hanging out by a big bonfire, like, it doesn't look like being in a plane crash is all that bad.

"Most of them scared, all of them waiting."

Sayid and Charlie hang out, Sayid wondering why the rescuers haven't shown up yet. Acclaimed actress Kate Beckinsale introduces herself to Jack.

"And just when you're beginning to feel safe…"

Lostzilla roars in the distance while the lostaways gather, wondering exactly what the hell it is and whether it will ever be revealed. "Terrific," says Charlie.

"What if you awake the next day and help still hasn't come? What would you do?

If you're Jack, you decide to set out for the cockpit, in order to see if there's a transponder with which they can send out a distress signal. Charlie offers to "come with," but is rebuffed by Jack, but he comes along anyway, in order to annoy us. Then again, the bit where he sings the chorus to "You All Everybody" to Kate, since she thinks he looks familiar, is pretty funny. Especially as the only lyrics to "You All Everybody," apparently, are "You, all, everybody." Jack has no idea what the hell is going on and grumpily announces that they need to keep moving.

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