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Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

"You wait, and you wonder: why are you one of the lucky ones?"

Shannon's sunning herself in a bikini that's rather economical on material. She doesn't appear to be having too much of an existential crisis as to her surviving. Boone strolls up and says that he sees she found her bag. He asks her to help out with the rummaging and the scavenging and what have you. She declines the "request," and he glowers off. Nearby, Claire asks if that's her boyfriend. "My brother, God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity," says Shannon. Notice that she didn't actually answer in the negative. They're both right! Claire then starts whining about how she used to have a stomach, when it looks to me like she's got plenty of stomach now. She says she hasn't felt the baby move since yesterday.

"You find you have time you didn't have before. You ask questions, and you're surprised with the answers."

Sayid does electronicky stuff, while Hurley introduces himself and finds out to his surprise that the Middle Eastern man was on the other side during the Gulf War. But he's handsome in a white tank top, so I guess we're going to let that slide. ["We most certainly are." -- Sars]

"And the people you meet are not what they seem."

Locke sits on the beach in the gathering gloom. In the jungle on their expedition, Kate, Jack, and Charlie are drenched in the sudden downpour, which has the added unfortunate effect of making Charlie start yapping again. Locke does his mystical man routine, sitting Buddha-like, spreading his arms out in the rain. You'd think it would be his legs that'd be enjoying the sensation.

The jungle expedition finds the cockpit. "Let's do this," says Jack. Climbing inside, they find that Agent Weiss was the pilot, and he comes to suddenly, startling Jack and Kate, and freaking them out even more when he reveals that the plane was horribly off-course when it crashed, so any rescuers would be looking in the wrong spot. So with that in mind, they may not be all that sorry to see Agent Weiss get eaten a little later on. He does tell them there's a transceiver in the cockpit.

"What if you think you've found a way to get help…"

The sound of Lostzilla in the distance again, giving everyone a fright.

"…but you realized this place was not what you imagined it to be."

What exactly did everyone imagine this place to be? Anyway, Lostzilla's not so distant anymore. "It's right outside!" squeaks Kate, and Agent Weiss wants to know what's up. No one answers Wrong-Way Weiss, and as the lostaways peer through the windows, something grabs Weiss through the cockpit, leaving behind nothing but blood. Jack grabs the transceiver, and the three non-eaten people hightail it right out of there, getting separated in the process. Charlie and Kate meet up right away, but Jack doesn't show up until they find the bloody, mangled body of the pilot stuck in the treetops. Jack didn't actually see the mauling, and the three of them wonder just what could have done it.

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