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Now Claire's collapsed. She needs water, but it's all gone. We see the blossoming of the friendship between Charlie and Claire, who says the other lostaways can't look her in the eye, because they see her as a "time bomb of responsibility." Charlie says he's not afraid of her.

On the beach, an enraged Jin tackles Mercutio and starts pounding the absolute living bejesus out of him, at least until the other lostaways intervene and handcuff him to some wreckage.

Sun then reveals to Mercutio that she speaks English, and that Mercutio was wearing Jin's watch. So Mercutio, brandishing an ax, swaggers over to where Jin is chained and gives him the watch back, and YELLS at him, explaining that his watch broke so he took this other one that he found, because there was no point letting a $20,000 watch go to waste, which he acknowledges is ridiculous since time doesn't matter here. None of which is Jin's fault, so maybe Mercutio should stop shouting, since Jin doesn't understand him anyway. Of course, Jin's tackling Mercutio probably wasn't the best way to go about resolving the dispute either. Then, freaking Jin right the fuck out, Mercutio lets loose a primal scream and swings the ax -- of course just cutting the handcuff chain, like, good thing he's so accurate with the ax.

A skittish Charlie skulks around the bushes, getting high or thinking about getting high, and unfortunately running into Locke, who asks him if he wants his guitar more than he wants his drug. Charlie tells Locke not to talk to him as if he knows something about him, although it seems to me he's got Charlie pegged. Locke says the island just might give Charlie what he wants, but first he's got to give something to the island. So Charlie gives up the drugs, and Locke tells him to look up. Charlie thinks Locke wants him to pray, so Locke points upwards. There, among some of the plane's debris strewn on the side of the hill, is Charlie's guitar. Charlie looks like he wishes he'd looked around a little bit before he gave up his damn heroin.

Sawyer runs through the bushes, unencumbered by the sounds of the Creedence, and finds Boone going through his stuff. We don't see him kicking Boone's ass, but a bruised and bloody Boone tells Jack that Sawyer's got Shannon's asthma inhalers.

So Kate offers to talk to Sawyer, because of their supposed "connection" (his words, not hers). Cut to her asking him what he wants for them, and he says a kiss ought to do it, and she rolls her eyes.

Even though she totally wants to get her snog on with Sawyer, she doesn't, and Shannon has an attack, which Jack is able to talk her through -- this time. Sayid asks Jack what will happen if Shannon doesn't get her inhalers. For a smart guy, Sayid's kind of dumb. And Jack doesn't even bother answering. Sayid says they're going to have to make Sawyer give up the inhalers. Jack asks what Sayid wants him to do, but Sayid isn't talking about Jack. He reminds Jack of his five years' service in the Republican Guard, and asks for ten minutes alone with Sawyer: "He'll give us the medicine." In the absence of a CTU flunky, I guess Sayid will have to do. And that's how Sawyer comes to be dragged off to the island's Abu Ghraib, to Kate's protestations (wish you'd kissed him now, Kate?). Sawyer even eggs Sayid on as Sayid sharpens bamboo to stick under Sawyer's fingernails. So despite the torture, Sawyer holds out for an audience with Kate, in which he asks for -- wait for it -- a kiss. Again. "Are you serious?" says Kate. And Sawyer points out that he's tied to a tree and was just tortured by a "spinal surgeon" and a "genuine Eye-raqi," so yeah, he's serious. He asks if Kate's really going to let Shannon suffer over a little kiss. Kate considers this, and then starts sucking face with Sawyer, and doesn't look like she's exactly repulsed, if her enthusiastic tongue is anything to go by. Afterwards, he admits that he doesn't have the medicine, earning a smack from Kate (the bad kind).

Feeling sorry for herself, Kate bumps into Sayid on the beach, who seems to be leaving the camp. He says that he swore he'd never torture again. "If I can't keep that promise, I have no right to be here," he says, which is an attitude that would cause an awfully high turnover at the aforementioned CTU.

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