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Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

But as he wanders the beach, Sayid comes across a cable buried in the sand, leading into the jungle. And he starts to follow it.

Sayid follows the cable, and this is starting to resemble the video for "The Old Man Down The Road," if that doesn't date me too severely. He steps gingerly over a tripwire, and still manages to spring some sort of trap that strings him up and knocks him out.

After he's come to, he pleads with his captor, explaining that he was trying to find the source of a transmission that's been running for sixteen years. The woman who captured him steps forward. "Sixteen years. Has it really been that long?" My word, where does the time go?

Rousseau's untied Sayid as she reflects. "Nearly two months we survived here, before…" Sayid prompts her by saying the transmission said that "it killed them all." "It was them, they were the carriers," says Rousseau. Sayid's all, who in the what now? "The others," says Rousseau. Sayid tries to get some more information about these alleged other people on the island, but Rousseau's kind of touched in the head. She's never seen them, but she's heard them out in the jungle. "They whisper," she says.

Back at the camp, Claire's sleeping. Then there's a blur of images: a hand on her mouth, the flash of a knife, but she struggles and screams, rousing the other lostaways. Claire tells them she was attacked by someone who just ran off. Charlie and Hurley scamper off to look, while Claire tells Jack that whoever it was was trying to hurt her baby. Jack tells her she's okay.

And the next day on the beach with Charlie and Kate, Jack says he's not sure anything actually happened, prompting Charlie to spazz, wanting to know why she's making it up. Jack doesn't think she's making anything up, but he finds it more implausible that someone would try to hurt her baby for some reason when everyone is sleeping so close to each other. He just figures it's a pregnancy-induced anxiety thing. "It's not all in her head," says Charlie, who stomps off.

He comforts Claire that night by the fire, and tells her that he'll be there all night and won't let anything get to her, and Claire looks terrified, and you know she's thinking, "Shit, even without the baby, I'm bigger than Charlie."

Hurley's telling Jack that he thinks they should find out who everyone is, because the more they know about each other, the less likely they're going to attack each other, and they need to "lay down the law," and you are thinking that yeah, maybe it's about time these people who need each other to survive should learn each other's names. "We gotta find out who did this to her," says Hurley, nominating himself Island Monitor.

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