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Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

Notebook in hand, Hurley's off on his census, with a pissed-off Shannon explaining that her address is "Craphole Island," which I've used so much since then I'd managed to convince myself that I made it up. Then there's Hurley talking to "Ethan," who he thought was named "Lance," and it turns out that Ethan Rom is from Ontario, and Hurley's all, "I love Canada! Great, uh…" and his voice trails off because he can't think of anything, and have I mentioned lately how much I hate Hurley's stupid guts?

Rousseau's taken Sayid back out into the jungle so he can back to the rest of the lostaways, and she leaves him with a cryptic warning to watch them closely.

Claire's figured out that Jack doesn't believe anything happened to her, and is pissed off that he's giving her sedatives. She's heading back to the beach because she thinks she was safer there, and is annoyed with everyone telling her what to do, only I think the only person who's been telling her what to do is Jack.

Sayid's in the jungle, remembering Rousseau's words about the others whispering, and a spin-cam revolves around Sayid as he hears what could be whispering, or could be the wind.

Back at the camp, an exhausted Sayid tells everyone that he found the Frenchwoman, and reveals the shocking news that they're not alone on the island. Hurley comes by, coincidentally having finished his census. He's interviewed all the survivors, and has found out that one of the lostaways wasn't on the manifest, because he wasn't on the plane.

Sure enough, it's the creepy Canadian, who accosts Charlie and Claire in the jungle, with many soap-opera-esque zoom-ins and crescendos.

And I thought we were done with him, but Voice-over Guy is unfortunately back.

"What if your worst fears were realized, your paranoia justified?"

Clips of the lostaways looking concerned.

"And one among you is not one of you at all."

Hurley's revealed that Ethan, "the Canadian guy," wasn't on the plane at all. So we start playing "Where's Ethan?" and Mercutio says he went to get some wood. Charlie's missing too; Locke says he went after Claire.

Locke and Jack go tearing through the jungle, and Locke comes across three distinct sets of footprints. "Looks like there might have been a struggle," he says. And the hunt begins, with the lostaways (Kate, Locke, Boone, Jack) following a trail that Charlie seems to have deliberately left. The group splits up, which is never a good idea.

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