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Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

"What if you have no one to rely on but yourself?"

Later on, Jack asks Charlie why he killed Ethan, who could have told us where he came from, and about the others. Charlie scoffs at the idea that Ethan would have told them anything, and says he wasn't going to let that "animal" anywhere near Claire again.

"And your unspoken fears are finally expressed."

During a gathering on the beach that, to the best of my recollection, occurred before the death of Ethan, Locke berates the others for the infighting, saying they should all be worrying about the others. "We're not the only ones on the island, and we all know it!" he yells.

"You're lost, you're scared, you're in danger."

Locke and Boone, stumbling through the darkened jungle, with Boone wondering how Locke can still be following the trail.

"You would do anything to get home."

Locke says that if Boone wants to get back on his own, good luck, and he tosses him the flashlight, which Boone doesn't catch. Picking it up off the ground, Boone finds something in the earth.

"But what if you found a reason to stay?"

Boone wonders what the metallic object is, and Locke says that's what they're going to find out.

On the beach, Jack talks to Locke about him being attached to Boone at the hip, and we check in at various points of the hatch's excavation, as they try to figure out how to get in. We watch the useless trebuchet, and Locke bitching about how it was supposed to work, and Boone finally getting pissed off that if they're somehow supposed to get in, then why haven't they done so yet? Locke babbles about the island sending a sign and their faith being tested: "The island will show us how!"

And we're at the other crashed plane on the island, the one that Boone climbs up into and finds nothing but heroin, which he sarcastically says is the sign Locke was looking for. Locke, down below on the ground (due to his leg paralysis seemingly returning, even though this was never referred to during this "episode"), watches in dismay as the plane teeters on the cliff edge as Boone makes his way to the cockpit and tries the radio, sending out a distress signal as "the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815." And the response, which is a lot clearer than it was in the original episode, is definitely "We're the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815!" so maybe this is going to take on some significance. At any rate, the plane comes crashing down from off the cliff, with Boone inside.

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