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You Don't Know Jack

Sidebar: The Desmond-arranged meet-ups were, as I said earlier, a little too too for me, this week. That said, the parallels between Claire and Jack reuniting Islandways and meeting for the first time in the Sideways were elegant. Both encounters were emotionally unsatisfying -- as they should be. This is an awkward thing. Honestly, when I would imagine them finding one another, I assumed Island-Jack would be warmer toward Claire. He's known for three years that she's his sister, and because of her pregnancy, he and Claire got to know one another pretty well on the island. Even though the whole Claire/Aaron/Lie thing had a negative impact on his relationship with Kate during the Escape-away years, I expected a little more from them, once Faucke left the siblings to chat. But after seeing their Sideways introduction, it all made sense to me. It all felt right -- because to them, it felt so wrong. And in both cases, they can't yet truly bond, not while Faucke and Locke have dibs on the Jacks.

Islandways; The Elizabeth: Jack sits at the far end of the boat, staring at the sea. The wee Jacob who lives in my ashtray says: "Jack is here because he has to do something. He can't be told what that is. He's gotta find it, himself. Sometimes, you can just hop in someone's ashtray, and tell them what they're supposed to do. Other times, you have to let them look out at the ocean for a while."

Sawyer's at the helm, talking to Frank and Kate. Frank would like to know Sawyer's plan. "My plan, Chesty, is to land on Hydra Island, get ourselves nice and cuddly with Widmore -- until we get a chance to jump on that sub. Then, I'm gonna put a gun in someone's face and make 'em take us home." Frank's all for that. Now that he's done setting up Sawyer's exposition, he has cats he needs to herd off-screen, so we can be alone with the three sides of our triangle. Frank mentions the canned food down in the galley, and the deck clears.

Sawyer hands Kate the wheel and goes to talk to Jack. He says he didn't think he'd show up. "Taking orders ain't your strong suit. Nice to see you finally came around." Oh Sawyer, don't tempt fate like that. This may be new, improved, self-aware Jack, but he's still Just Jack. And after staring at the sea, Just Jack has decided that this doesn't feel right. Sawyer's all WHAT?!?, so Jack explains that leaving the island feels wrong. "I remember how I felt last time I left -- like a part of me was missing." Sawyer snarks: "They got pills for that, Doc." Um, please don't go there, Sawyer. Jack tried pills for three years. That way lies madness, badness and a beard so fug that in comparison, it makes Feral Claire's hair look like she spent three year marooned with Vidal Sassoon.

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