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You Don't Know Jack

Oh crap, it's too late. Jack: "We were brought here because we're supposed to do something, James. And if Locke -- that thing -- wants us to leave, maybe it's afraid of what happens if we stay." Sawyer minces no words. "Get off my damn boat." Jack: "???" Sawyer: "You got a decision to make and you make it now. Either you're with us -- you keep that damn crazy talk to yourself -- or you're going in the water." Ay, matey, y'shoulda told him you'd make him walk the plank. Jack, calling Sawyer "James" tells him this is all a mistake and that part of James must know that, too. "The island isn't done with us, yet." Yeah, well, Sawyer's way done with the island. "If you want to take a leap of faith, Jack, then take it. Get off my damn boat." Kate, at the other end of the craft, mustn't hear her boys, or she'd be between them, by now. Jack looks back at he, then tells Sawyer, "I'm sorry that I got Juliet killed." And then? Standing straight as a stick, he jumps into the water -- fully dressed in his shirt, jeans, and hiking boots. He's even got his backpack on. You're gonna die, brothah. Wee Jacob tells me not to worry. It only ends once everything else is just progress. As Jack swims off, Kate sees him in the water and starts to turn back to get him. Sawyer stops her and when she wants an explanation of what happened, he simply says, "He changed his mind. [...] He ain't coming with us." Because one of the things Kate does when running, is turning back to grab those over whom she has trampled, she insists on going back to get Jack. Sawyer, who has set the boat back on its Hydra-course tells her, "We're done going back, Kate."

Sideways; Sun's Hospital Room: Sleeping in the chair next to her bed, Jin keeps hold of Sun's hand. When she wakes, she rouses him and asks what happened. Jin explains she was shot but will be okay. Sun wants to know about the baby. Jin tells her the baby is fine, and they're all going to be okay. Oh Jin, please don't tempt fate like that. You're making me cry. Sun's crying too, but with joy, not fear.

Just then Jack and David Shephard pass by Sun's room. David can't believe that Jack's had a sister all these years and never knew about her. Jack tells the boy that his grandpa kept a lot of things to himself. David: "Is that where you get it from?" Jack laughs. "Yeah... probably." He's got to get to surgery now though, and asks David if he'll be all right hanging around. David smiles at his father. "Yeah, sure." A beat. "Good luck, Dad." Oh my word, he's going to evaporate, isn't he? Please, tell me I'm wrong. I love this kid, no matter who his mother is. (It's gotta be Juliet, right? No. Sarah. Arggggh!)

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