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You Don't Know Jack

As Jack scrubs for surgery, he consults with another doctor. She tells him that Locke was hit by a car, but the kicker is, he was already in a wheelchair due to a pre-existing condition. As Jack looks at Locke's records he realizes Locke's dural sac is obliterated. The other doctor notes they're in over their heads, which is why they called Jack.

In the O.R., Jack gets ready to cut. Locke is, of course, face down, because he's having an operation on his spine. Ask Jack asks for the scalpel, he catches a glimpse of Locke's face in the mirror beneath the operating table and freezes. The other doctor asks what's up. Jack says, "I think I know this guy." Oh, yes you do, and not just from lost baggage claim, either. But whatever. Count to five, and let's get this show on the road, and Locke on his feet.

Islandways: Exhausted, Jack swims to shore and falls on his hands and knees as he catches his breath. When he looks up, he sees Faucke and the Fauckers. Faucke says, "Sawyer took my boat, didn't he?" Yeah, Faucke. Like Anakin. Or something.

Hydra Island: Sawyer, Kate, Frank, Claire, Hurley and Sun swim to shore. Sawyer tells them to stay close. They're not going to have much time before Faucke realizes he's been duped. It's then the Widmorons emerge from the jungle, guns locked and loaded. They order the Losties to put up their hands and drop their weapons, which is all out of order, isn't it? Sawyer tries to calm them down, and Zoe says it's all right, she knows them, but she still wants them to drop their weapons, and asks who else is with them. Sawyer tells her no one is, so she gives the order through the walkie-talkie to turn off the fences. Just then, Jin appears at the beach. He and Sun FINALLY SEE EACH OTHER. Oh no, they're running. They're running toward each other. They're running toward each other from opposite sides of the pylons. What the frick? I hope that moron on the other end of Zoe's walkie turned off the fences immediately, but what if he wasn't by the switch. If Sun and Jin get electrocuted trying to run into each others arms, I will blow up the island myself. WTF. Stop running. Stop running. Oh no. Here it comes. Close your eyes.

Hey. They're still alive. They're alive and hugging. Hug you crazy kids, hug. They're crying. They're saying "I love you." They're... they're talking to each other in English? Really? I mean, I suspect this was a gesture toward the audience. We've waited so long for this, it's only right we get to hear and understand their reunion and not be distracted from the looks on their beautiful faces because we have to read subtitles, but still. That would never happen. Anyhow the rest of the Losties are deeply affected by this touching scene. Frank remarks that Sun got her voice back. (I wonder if she'll suddenly know English in the Sideways). And then Jin tells Sun, "We'll never be apart again. I promise you." This hits Kate and Sawyer particularly hard. But I think it's Juliet that Sawyer is thinking of. Regardless, all I can think is: please, please, please let Jin be more of a prophet and less of a jinx.

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