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You Don't Know Jack

Zoe's still on the walkie, or is on it again, or something. "Are you sure? I understand, Charles." Charles. Who cares about him? Jin and Sun are back together! Can't we just end the episode now, before anything bad happens? Apparently not. Sawyer: "That Widmore?" The Widmorons again have their weapons cocked and pointed at our Losties. Sawyer demands to know what the hell Zoe is doing. Zoe: "What does it look like I'm doing? Hands up. On your knees. All of you." Sawyer yells, "We had a deal." Zoe tells him, "Deal's off." Then, speaking into the walkie- she says, "We've got 'em. If you've got a sightline on Locke, fire when ready." Walkie: "Roger." Hey, bullshit. It's nowhere near nightfall.

Island Beach: As he's standing in front of the Fauckers, Jack hears a whistling sound overhead. Realizing what it is, he yells, "GET DOWN." Jack and the Fauckers run for cover, but Faucke himself stands firm. When the bomb (missile? let's go with that) hits, Jack is thrown to the sand. When he opens his eyes, we get his perspective on the scene. His hearing is muffled; his vision blurry, but he sees Faucke running toward him. Another missile hits. We don't see Jack and Faucke for a second. Did it get them? Apparently not. Apparently. Faucke runs for the jungle with Jack draped across his shoulders. He places his limp body down and leans it up against a tree. "Jack, you all right?" Jack comes to, but his head is still reeling. Faucke: "Don't worry. It's gonna be okay. You're with me, now." NOoooooooooooooooooo.

Dun. Bad Robot!

All right, did Jack die and did Faucke bring him back to life? Is that how it works? I can't believe it's a coincidence that Sayid told Desmond about his resurrection. And I still think Claire died when Keamy attacked New Otherton. This line of thought is making me sick, though. I just want to scoop up Jack and pin him to Hurley's side. And yet, Jack was staring out at the ocean before he took his leap of faith, so maybe this is what he needs to do. This leaving Kate and the other Losties to go join Faucke (or Locke, for that matter) isn't something anyone could have ever told Jack to do. What can Faucke promise him? Surely not Kate? He was way crazier last season, when he blew up the island for her. He seems to have come to terms with their "relationship" now. Would he want Juliet restored to life? Would he want Sarah back? Is he too self-actualized now to be tempted by Faucke? Why can't there be a new episode this week? I hate you, ABC schedulers. I hate your stupid guts. (Okay, not really. I just need a Lost fix.)

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